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Words of encouragement from Pastor Nomthi @ Thursday Showers
Sharing briefly from Exodus 16:15-21, Pastor Nomthi at the May 18 Thursday Showers service, admonished the congregation to be expectant and be sensitive to answers to prayers, noting that sometimes, when believers ask God for something, they do not recognise the answers to their prayers. This, she said, was the case with the children of Israel in the above scripture. But just as God used Moses to show the children of Israel that what was before them was their answered prayers, God will send people to show us when we seem not to know, she said.
She encouraged the church to adopt an attitude of thanksgiving, selflessness and contentment with what God has blessed us with. As it was recorded, those who took less or more had just enough for their household. “Whatever God has provided for us is enough for us. It is in the attitude, especially how we look at the things God has given us; this will determine how satisfied we are,” she said.
She noted that sometimes, when we look at other people and see they have much, we think we do not have; whereas God can actually expand and increase the little we have according to our attitude of thanksgiving.

Words of encouragement from Pastor Nomthi @ Sunday Service
God gives rest, Jesus gives rest, and nobody else can give you rest like Jesus would. These were the words of Pastor Nomthi Odukoya as she encouraged the congregation at the May 21 Sunday service from the promise for the week in Matthew 11:28.
Explaining how one can receive rest from Jesus, Pastor Nomthi said it is as simple as telling Him (Jesus) all about one’s troubles and rolling them over to Him.  She however noted that Jesus did not promise to take our burdens away from us. “We are pilgrims on a journey and no one goes on a journey without carrying some form of baggage or burden because the items in it will be needed at some points in the journey,” she said.
She added that it is really not the heavy burden one carries that breaks one, but how it is carried.
She then enjoined all not to carry their burdens alone as this would break them, advising that they carry it to Jesus who will give the grace and rest to carry it in such a way that it would feel very light.