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Words Of Encouragement JANUARY 17 – 23, 2021

Do Not Make Idols of Your Situation

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya Says @Sunday Service

Members of The Fountain of Life Church were asked during the Sunday service of January 17, 2021, not to worry about their lives, what they would eat or drink, about their bodies and what they would put on. The admonition came from Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, wife of the Senior Pastor of the church, while making public, the promise of the week.

Reading from Mathew 6:25-26, the Associate Senior Pastor, made known to those in attendance that they are of more value than the birds of the air, adding that they should always be assured that God is in control.

In suggesting that God is still in the business of blessing and performing miracles in their lives, Pastor Nomthi hinted the worshippers that, “Worry wastes time, makes you sad, weighs you down and brings about many other things. Joy brings you peace. When you are joyful, things happens and it speeds up things. “Activate joy in your lives and God will send angels to you.”

“You Will Rise Again” Pastor Nomthi Tells Showerians

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya has insisted that there is no dead case in the presence of God, no matter how it looks. She said this while encouraging the participants at the January 14 Thursday showers from Mark 9:14-27.

According to Pastor Nomthi, God will lift them up and that they would rise again from whatever situation they find themselves. “There is no dead case in the presence of the Lord. No matter how it looks, it is not dead. He will stretch out His hands and lift you up and you will arise, in Jesus name,” she stated

She however charged them not to give up; stating that God will perfect the good works He has started in them. “You need to choose to arise as He is lifting you up. God is committing Himself to you. Don’t mind what the devil has said or is saying. Don’t live by the words of many but by the word of God which says do not be afraid,” she urged.