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Words Of Encouragement JANUARY 24 – 30, 2021

“God Is Your Shield And Glory”

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya Says @Sunday Service

The Associate Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, while admonishing the congregation at the January 24 Sunday service from Psalm 3:3, which is the promise for the week, said that God is the lifter of their heads; noting that He is also their shield and glory that never loses any battle.

She noted that because David was chosen by God to be king, he attracted so many enemies but because David stayed faithful, God shielded him from harm and lifted him above his enemies. This she said, is the same thing many faithful believers face in life. In her words, “Sometimes you wonder why you face so many trials and tribulations. It is because you have been chosen by God to be in that place where He has put you, and the devil doesn’t like the fact that you have been chosen and that you are faithful in that position.”

She urged them to remain faithful in whatever capacity God has placed them and encouraged them to get closer to God whenever they find themselves in trouble.

“The Heart Of Men Without Christ Is Deceitful” Pastor Nomthi Odukoya Tells Showerians

Worshippers at the January 21 Thursday showers service have been asked to walk in the wisdom of God so that they won’t walk in foolishness. The request came from Pastor Nomthi Odukoya while she was encouraging the worshippers from Ephesians 5:15-16.

Pastor Nomthi, who stated that the days are full of evil, said that the heart of men without Christ is deceitful. According to the Senior Pastor’s wife, “Anybody living right now knows that the days are evil. People know that there is a pandemic out there, there is deception, and there are riots. So this is the time to live in the wisdom of God because it is the principal thing.”

The clergy continued by saying that the many fights seen today are largely due to the lack of wisdom and understanding, noting that wisdom doesn’t usually look like it. “Wisdom will not look like it. God is looking for people who will sacrifice and walk with wisdom. Wisdom is not popular, foolishness is. So embrace wisdom and exhibit it,” she said.

She therefore urged them to have the heart of wisdom and exhibit it. “A lot of fight around is a result of lack of love and understanding. People most times are self-centred, wanting to be heard but not willing to hear others. But you must strive to have godly wisdom and exhibit it,” she urged.