Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday service
Pastor Taiwo at the February 9 Sunday services while sharing from Psalm 40:3 told the worshippers that they should not lose track of their lives but to remember that there is nothing God cannot save them from. “If God can save from the uttermost gutter, there is nothing He cannot save from. He can rescue you out of a horrible pit,” he said.
Also sharing from 1 Samuel 30:8, he admonished them never to give up. In his words, “Don’t you ever give up no matter how horrible it looks. No matter how far gone, don’t ever give up. As a matter of fact, if there are areas of your life where you have already given up, it’s time to go back.”
He further said that recovering all is a way of life and that it defines the life that God has created on earth for all. He also reiterated that the horrible pit is where humanity found themselves but believers have transitioned from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.
He went on to encourage them that even though life happens, God will always come through for them and the world will see it and be convicted to put their trust in God. “The gentiles will see it, so it’s not a matter of show off. They have no choice but to see it and it will cause them to put their trust in God,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday showers
Sharing from Psalms 40:1-3, Pastor Taiwo at the February 6 Thursday showers told the worshippers that the waiting period for believers is not the time to give up or be nonchalant but a time to be fully dependent on God. “God can’t fail. He will surely come through for you and pull you out of the miry clay. You can’t get it done by your power or ability but by your dependency on God,” he said.
Also sharing from 1 Samuel 30:8 he told them to always encourage themselves in the Lord no matter what might have been lost; noting that it can be recovered. He further said that as believers, they should always pray in tongues whenever they find themselves in a confused situation.
He therefore encouraged them from Luke 18:1 to be prayerful and to always turn to God regardless of their situation. “With the help of the Holy Spirit, you will recover all and have that new song on your lips. So, don’t let any day pass by without you asking or praying.” he said.

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