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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service
Pastor Taiwo at the April 2 Sunday service said that one vital thing believers should ensure to always have in their lives is the presence of God because that is what guarantees favour. “When you see yourself in the light of God’s Word, you will see and understand that you have His favour on your life because His presence naturally attracts His favour,” he said.
Taking his main texts from Luke 1:30 and Psalm 102:13, Pastor Taiwo noted that the moment a Christian sees him or herself the way God sees him or her, there will be joy unspeakable and victory over the devil. According to him, God’s presence brings about the miraculous in the lives of His children and when that happens, victory and songs of praise are the result.
“Each time God arises on behalf of His children, the enemies are bound to be scattered. And when His hand is seen in any situation, it will only result in praise,” he said.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
When your time to be favoured by the Lord comes, nobody can stop it; and when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo at the April 20 Thursday Showers service. “When God visits you, He does so with favour,” he said.
Speaking from Psalm 102:1-13, he said that God’s mercy is always in place for His children, noting that any child of God who knows his or her identity in Christ will automatically walk in His favour. “You are valuable before God; but if you don’t know that, you will be living and behaving like a slave,” he stated.
He urged all to walk in their identity in Christ because that is when they will truly appreciate and enjoy their rights in Christ.