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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service
The joy and gladness in the church was palpable at the April 16 Sunday service as it was a two-in-one service for Easter celebration as well as thanksgiving for a successful annual Word Explosion Conference.
In his message, Pastor Taiwo said that Jesus’ resurrection is the open door to salvation and every other blessing.  According to him, Jesus secured the key to Hades and Death through His death, descending to hell and resurrecting from the dead, thereby taking over control of both the seen and the unseen realms. “He has the key by virtue of His death and resurrection, so you are not dealing with a dead God. You are alive because He is alive,” he said.
Speaking from John 20:19-29, Revelation 3:7-9; 1:17-18, 1 Corinthians 15:12-18, Acts 4:1-2&33 and 17:18, he said that the most pivotal truth in Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to him, once this truth is known and believed by God’s children, then they can challenge any devil or issue confronting them and be victorious. “If you come to a full understanding of Jesus and His resurrection, both what you see and what you don’t see will give way,” he said.
He urged believers to hold on to Jesus whose resurrection has given them the unstoppable God kind of life, and believe Him to open every shut door before them. “Nothing can stop God and so nothing can stop you if you believe in Him and His resurrection,” he said.
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Pastor Nomthi Odukoya @ Word Explosion Conference Day 5
Pastor Nomthi, on the fifth day of the Word Explosion Conference which coincided with the Thursdays Showers service, said that both the spiritual and physical eyes of a believer need to be opened in order to see the open doors God has set before him or her.
Reading from the anchor scripture, Revelation 3:8, and using the account of Blind Bartimaeus’ encounter with Jesus as recorded in Mark 10:46-52 as an illustration, she said that a believer’s positioning matters a lot in getting the miraculous.
She noted that positioning oneself in the way of God is the most assured way of having an encounter with Him and receiving His blessings, just as blind Bartimaeus was by the roadside where Jesus would pass. “Jesus is always there waiting for you to come His way. All you need to do now is change your current position and turn to Jesus,” she said.
Pastor Nomthi noted that harbouring a negative attitude to challenges, accepting intrusion from the crowd, and allowing the spirit of depression could truncate one’s blessings. Giving in to bullies, a nonchalant attitude to God and His word and listening to the noise of the crowd could also make one lose focus of one’s open doors and thus one’s blessings, she stated. “Don’t shut your door with your attitude and mouth….Drop the spirit of depression when coming to Jesus,” she enjoined.
She then urged every believer never to allow negativity blind them from seeing the open doors that God has set before them.



Taking the promise of the week from Amos 9:13, Pastor Nomthi at the April 16 Sunday service emphasised that blessings are part of the daily life of every Christian.
She prophesied, according to the scripture, that things would happen so fast for them this week that everyone’s head would swim.
She then urged the congregation to be full of hope and expectation of God’s blessings everywhere they turn.