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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Services

Pastor Taiwo at the February 25 Sunday services dwelt on the mystery of God which was hidden from the Gentiles but revealed to those who have accepted Jesus and have made Him the centre of their lives. According to him, this mystery is the hope of glory on anyone in whom Christ lives. “You have a better hope than your forefathers because you have Christ in you,” he said.

Speaking from Colossians 1:25-27 and 2 Corinthians 5:17-19, he said that this hope is the privilege of anyone who has Christ in him or her. However, a lack of understanding can expose a saint to the intimidation of the devil, he said. He further said that whenever anyone willingly accepts Christ into his or her life, God makes such an agent of the Kingdom. “He blesses you to make you a blessing. He will never get you on an assignment without equipping you. That is the way He does it,” he stated.

He then urged them to always walk in the consciousness that they are covenant children of God. “Your life is hidden with God in Christ,” he said.

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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday showers
Using the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman recorded in John 4:4-24 as an illustration, Pastor Taiwo at the February 22 Thursday Showers service said that worship is not the activity or a conventional ritual but a relationship with God where one’s will is totally submitted to Him. “Your worship to God is your submission to His leading,” he said.
Corroborating it with Jesus’ teaching on the pattern of prayer recorded in Matthew 6:9-10, he said that the will of God is the basis for worship, and allowing God’s will to prevail over one’s will is worship. This, he said, reveals the lordship of God over such an individual and that is what He desires from His children. “You can’t approach God without worship. He desires those who would worship Him to do so in spirit and in truth. If you really want to offend God, take His worship or block Him from the worship of His children,” he stated.
He then urged every believer never to allow anything take them away from the place of worship because that is where the power of God manifests. “When you begin to worship God, you get refreshed, strengthened and the devil will flee from you,” he said.