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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service

God did not choose or love you because of any of your good works, intelligence or self-imposed righteousness. He decided to choose and love you because of His covenant. And this will attract serious attacks from the devil and his cohorts, but they will always fail. You will however do yourself a great disfavor if you believe his lies rather than God’s words. These were Pastor Taiwo’s words at the March 4 Sunday services. “It is not strange that the devil will try to kill or destroy you. He is doing so because he knows you are loved by God, but your victory will be determined by who you choose to believe,” he said.

Speaking from Deuteronomy 7:7-10 and Acts 7:9-10, he said that it is a major distraction for any child of God to abandon His love and begin to believe the lies of the devil. He advised believers to see their persecution as a stepping stone to greater glory. “If you know that it is just by the grace of God that you are chosen, then the devil’s distractions should not discourage you. It should draw you closer to God’s love and covenant,” he stated.

He admonished them from Judges 2:1, Psalm 89:34 and Isaiah 54:10 to trust God because He would never break His covenant with them. “God will do what He says He would do. So don’t believe the devil or his reports,” he said.

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“WORSHIP” cont’d

Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Taiwo has urged Christians never to allow the devil lure them with coated lies into doing things that are contrary to God’s will. He said this at the March 1 Thursday Showers service as he continued his message on Worship. “The tempter will come to you in time of your need just like he came to Jesus when He was hungry after fasting for 40 days and nights. But you will always overcome by the Word,” he said.

Speaking from Matthew 4:1-3, he said that every temptation from the devil is to make believers doubt their identity in Christ. This is why Christians, according to him, should be conscious of their identity in Christ as this will enable them confront the enemy’s deceits and distractions whenever he comes to them. “Don’t let the devil tell you beautiful lies so as to bring you down; don’t compromise your faith,” he enjoined.

He noted that temptation is a natural thing that must happen to everyone, especially children of God, but that they must never forget that they already have victory through Christ which can be effectively accessed through the Word. “Exercise your authority in Christ, remain steadfast in Him and you will definitely have victory over the devil, just like Jesus overcame him,” he said.