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Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo Encourages Members @ Sunday First service

Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo, while ministering the word to the congregation at the August 20 Sunday first service, charged them to diligently pursue and run the race of life, keeping the faith to the end, which was the lifestyle of the Senior Pastor of the church who recently went to be with the Lord.

Speaking from the Book of Acts 1, Pastor Onabanjo urged the congregation to remain united while praying and encouraging each other, just as the Apostles did in the upper room while waiting for the promise of the Father. “When the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles, they were strengthened and fortified, and things started working out for their good, such that they began to do great exploits. Their being able to do great exploits was also a result of all that they had learned while walking with Jesus,” he said.

Speaking on the theme of the year, Our Year of the Holy Spirit, which was declared by the now-deceased senior pastor, Pastor Onabanjo said that the theme was prophetic, as he likened this to the fact that Jesus had said that if He did not go away, the Holy Spirit would not come. “Though Pastor Taiwo may have gone to be with the Lord, the Holy Spirit will be the comforter, helper, advocate, intercessor, counsellor, and strengthener of everyone in the church,” he said.

He continued, “This is a new phase of the Fountain of Life Church, and with the Holy Spirit, we do all things as the Holy Spirit points you to the will of God. When you are in the will of God, the Holy Spirit becomes your shield, making you immune from the attack of the enemy. The Holy Spirit is the revealer of the will and word of God, and if we pray according to God’s will, our prayers will be answered.”

He therefore urged the congregation to gird their loins, focus on Jesus and the word of God, and be strong and courageous in order to take this commission to a new level, adding that there are many mountains to climb and territories to cover. Still urging the church, he said, “Arise and shine, as the glory of God will descend upon you. Now is not the time to sleep, but rather the time to get fully involved in the work of God. Your attitude will determine your altitude, and when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

The full message is available on the Church’s Youtube channel, The Fountain TV https://www.youtube.com/live/8OCT1Ua3vKs?feature=share and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). It is also available on CD and DVD at The Fountain of Life Church Digital Media Store.


Pastor Tosin Sowemimo @ Sunday Second Service

Pastor Tosin Sowemimo, while ministering during the second service on August 20, told the congregation to have it settled in their hearts and minds that if God is for them, no one can be against them.

Speaking from Romans 8:31 and 35–38, the clergy said that the need for the settlement cannot be overemphasised, as there will certainly be diverse events and occurrences that will question one’s convictions and beliefs. She espoused that getting to a place of persuasion and conviction requires deep thoughts and careful considerations to properly align with the greatness and wisdom of God.

Reading from Deuteronomy 29:29, she cautioned that there are questions that will never be answered, no matter the rationale behind them. She encouraged that it is prudent for each one to be content with what God has revealed, which is the Word, rather than seeking to unravel the things that He has classified as secret. The pastor warned that it could be dangerous to delve into secret things.

Quoting from Romans 11:33 and Isaiah 55:8–13, Pastor Sowemimo highlighted that the excellency of God’s wisdom and greatness surpasses any human comprehension and interpretation. She warned against continuing to ask questions similar to those Job and his friends raised. ‘’Always remember that you are merely a man,” she declared, bringing attention to the importance of her message.

She urged the congregation not to let the senior pastor of the church’s passing to glory discourage them. She declared that all the words spoken by him in prophecies, prayers, and declarations of faith concerning everyone would certainly come to pass.

She taught that there are few absolutes with men, but the reverse is the case with God. As such, while there are possibilities of failure or coming short with men, God has never failed and will never fail! She explained the significance of accepting that there is no one else like God and that He is good and faithful. Pastor Tosin Sowemimo asserted that “there is no evil or wrong in our God.” According to her, it is impossible to put any wrong on Him because He is absolutely holy, true, and good.

The full message is available on the Church’s Youtube channel, The Fountain TV https://www.youtube.com/live/wC9czjXbz24?feature=share and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). It is also available on CD and DVD at The Fountain of Life Church Digital Media Store.



Pastor Funke Ige @ Showers service

The August 17 Thursday Showers service was dedicated to celebrating God for His gift to the church in the person of the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Daniel Odukoya, who passed on to glory on the 7th of August, 2023, as well as offering prayers for his family and the body of Christ. Admonishing the worshippers from Hebrews 4:16, Pastor Funke Ige said that the church at this crucial time needs to come boldly to the throne of God to receive the grace and strength needed at this time.
Speaking on the oil of joy as recorded in Isaiah 66:1-3, the assistant pastor of the Grace Family, Ogudu branch of The Fountain of Life Church, says that the Holy Spirit gives His children reasons to be comforted when mourning the loss of a loved one, adding that this comfort is for them to be strengthened in order to continue their own journey. “This gives you a paradigm shift in understanding what life and death are; death is a process of transition, and our time and how we depart the world are different,” she said.
She continued, “The earlier you understand this and imbibe this, the earlier we rise and get to work. Pastor Taiwo’s death is a wake-up call to all of us; we are still on the battlefield, snatching souls from the mouth of the devil. Don’t forget your calling; you must be found faithful.”
The clergy further cited the experience of King David, whose child died despite his prayers and fasting for the child not to die, recorded in 2 Samuel 12:20–21, to admonish the congregation not to mourn Pastor Taiwo but to celebrate him. “We don’t mourn generals; we celebrate them,” she said.
Reading from 1 Peter 2:9, Pastor Funke Ige reminded the worshippers that the gifts believers are given in Christ, which are for the tabernacle, are also for them. “You have the oil, the anointing, and the Holy Spirit; they are not only for others but for you as well. So, you can’t have the Holy Spirit and be perpetually sad or depressed. When you engage with the Holy Spirit, you will be comforted and helped,” she noted.
Corroborating this with the passages from the Books of Galatians 5:22 and Isaiah 61:1, the minister of God said that believers can stay joyful by consistently being in the Holy Spirit, which helps them observe the patterns of joy. “The Holy Spirit helps you produce the fruit of the Spirit,” she said.
She therefore urged her listeners in Hebrews 12:1–2 to keep their gaze on Christ, the author and finisher of their faith, who is able to keep them on the rough journey of life. “You need to know that this journey of life is not a smooth one, so you need to keep focusing on Jesus Christ so that you won’t stop running or get stuck. It is time to rise up; there is no reason to be ashamed,” she urged.

The full message is available on the Church’s Youtube channel, The Fountain TV https://www.youtube.com/live/59e4tCC3akI?feature=share and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). It is also available on CD and DVD at The Fountain of Life Church Digital Media Store.