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Bishop Dr. Mike Okonkwo admonishes Fountaineers

Bishop Mike Okonkwo has admonished Fountaineers to keep their faith unwavering in God despite all odds. He said this at the combined Sunday service held at the main auditorium of The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, on August 13, 2023, after the passing onto glory of the senior Pastor of the church, Pastor Taiwo Daniel Odukoya.

According to the presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission, TREM, faith is also a time of endurance, adding that members as well as believers whose lives have been touched by Pastor Taiwo should keep their trust in the Lord despite the many unanswered questions in their hearts.

Speaking from Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38, and 1 Samuel 30:6, Bishop Okonkwo noted that when life happens to Christians, the way to go is to run to God and keep trusting in Him, just as David did, which led to him getting answers and directions from God. “If God is acknowledged in the midst of adversities and trials, God will direct the path of His own,” he said.

He implored believers to arise and not to keep questioning God but to worship God (2 Samuel 12:19–20). He also implored Fountaineers not to be like Job, who questioned God in times of adversity and trials of faith (Job 38:1–18; Job 40:1–1; Job 42:1-6), for God is a good God and always doing good things; He has promised never to leave nor forsake His own (Hebrews 13:5).

Bishop Mike Okonkwo said now is the time for Christians to be more dedicated, committed, and involved in the work of God as a way to show how impactful the life of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has been to Fountaineers.

He said the greatest honour and show of love to give to God’s general in the person of Pastor Daniel Taiwo Odukoya, who passed on, is for believers to bind together and be united in the vision given to the late Pastor for the work of God to keep on thriving. Other scriptural references the clergy used are: Psalm 84:1–5, Psalm 61:1-4, Psalm 34:1, Philippians 1:21, and 1 Corinthians 15:19.

The full message is available on the Church’s Youtube channel, The Fountain TV) and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). It is also available on CD and DVD at The Fountain of Life Church Digital Media Store.



Passing of Pastor Taiwo Daniel Odukoya: TFOLC Pastors Admonish Worshippers 

The August 10 Thursday Showers service was full of emotions, as it was the service after the passing unto glory of the Founding Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Daniel Odukoya. The service started with an opening and a message of encouragement from Pastor Femi Megbope. According to him, there is a purpose and a season for everything, and seasons do not last forever. Though, as a man, you can wish that some seasons are prolonged because of what you are benefiting from and enjoying from those seasons, no season lasts forever; once a season rolls out, another rolls in, but God’s faithfulness stands sure,” he said.

He also encouraged everyone present to thank God for the life of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya for finishing well and for how God used him to birth the great commission, The Fountain of Life Church.

Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo later officially announced to the church the passing of the senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church. He encouraged the congregation to be grateful to be mentored by Pastor Taiwo Odukoya and to also not question God. In his words, “With gratitude to God Almighty for us to have been fathered and mentored by a rare general in the Lord’s Army; God is sovereign; He chooses whom He wills; He wills whom He chooses.

He continued, “We all as individuals have definite assignments given to us by God, and therefore, I believe Pastor Taiwo has finished his assignment and God has taken him home to join the saints.”

He further talked about how the founder lived according to the scriptures even in the face of very daunting challenges.

Pastor Ladipo Babatunde further buttressed what Pastor Onabanjo said. According to him, “Many people, many Christians, do carry the gifts, but only very few carry the scars of war,” and he further went on to share from the scriptures, 2nd Corinthians 5:1–8, and Psalms 85:6-7.

He said, “Pastor is absent in the body, but he is present with the Lord,” and further encouraged the church to lift up the late Pastor’s family, children, church, and the body of Christ in prayers and to pray for the “wind of revival” to blow over The Fountain of Life Church.

Pastor Tosin Sowemimo also encouraged the church and talked about how Pastor Taiwo Odukoya left many legacies to be imbibed and followed. She said, “Our father, Pastor Taiwo, left us so many legacies; one of the loudest is worship. Our God is always faithful, our God is always true, our God is always holy. Even when we don’t have the answers, even when we don’t understand, even when it hurts, we worship.”

She therefore led the congregation in several songs of worship in appreciation to God for the well-lived life of Pastor Taiwo Daniel Odukoya to round off the one-hour service.

The full message is available on the Church’s Youtube channel, The Fountain TV) and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). It is also available on CD and DVD at The Fountain of Life Church Digital Media Store.