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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday service
Pastor Taiwo’s message at the August 23 online service was hinged on Psalm 23. He stated that this Psalm was a measure of the depth of the special relationship that David had with God and that every believer must begin to see himself as being in a personal relationship with God to fully appropriate all of God’s blessings.

Pastor noted that the Psalm highlights the nurturing a believer receives from God, the depth of the personal character of God and also enumerates the prophecies of how God deals with His children on earth.

Pastor Taiwo emphasised that all that David wrote in Psalm 23 was a revelation obtained through meditation on the writings of Moses in which God made him see into the future where we are being sanctified and nurtured by God to perfection. He stated that the moment we begin to see God like David saw Him as a covenant Father who knows us and our needs then things will immediately change for us. “Everyone that will meditate on the word of God will get to where David got to”, he said.

Using the parable of the lost sheep to illustrate the depth of God’s love for His children whereby he left 99 sheep to go after one lost sheep; this emphasises God’s devotion to His children and not allowing them go astray. “We have a heavenly Father who will never give up on us and who constantly seeks to restore us,” he said.

He urged the congregation to aspire to be children after God’s heart like David and to fully trust in God as He will never put them to shame.

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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Using David’s unusual relationship with God which were expressed in Psalms 23:1-6, Psalm 1:1, Psalm 3:1-3, Psalm 8:1-6, Psalm 16:5, 127:1-2, 16:7, 18:1-2, and 89:1-4, Pastor Taiwo urged his listeners at the August 20 Thursday showers to always let their delight be in God.
According to him, “lines will fall in pleasant places for those who have a constant relationship with God. God heals and blesses His own but you need to know it, believe it and confess it.”
Also speaking from John 10:1-11, he said that believers need to be bold and convinced about the faithfulness of God in taking care of them. God, he said, is a covenant keeping God who speaks in covenant terms with His children and He has a part to play in the lives of His own. “If you believe in Him, you have access because He is the door.”
He finally urged them to cultivate a close relationship with God so that they can be bold to declare that the Lord is their shepherd. “You need to know that you’re a covenant child of God,” he said.