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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday service

In continuation of his teaching on the integrity of the Word of God which he began the previous Thursday, Pastor Odukoya at the October 17 Sunday service said that the Word of God is God Himself. He stated this noting that having the revelation of God’s Word is access to Him. “You can’t be that close with God’s Word and it won’t be evident in your life. It can’t be faked,” he said.
Speaking from John 1:1-14, the clergy noted that the Word has been beyond the beginning of the world. He further stated that God is the Light that shows the way over any situation in a believer’s life; noting that He is the source of everlasting life. “Wherever darkness is trying to block you off, the Word will shine a way for you. His Word will produce any missing link or thing in your life,” he reiterated.
Pastor Taiwo also cited John 9:5 to say that God extended His Light to humanity by sending Jesus to the world to die for them. This, he said, removed the veil between man and God, thereby transferring the light on whoever believes in Him. “Light cannot be limited. So when He said you are the light, He wants you to shine your light by choice,” he said.
He, therefore, urged his listeners as well as believers to understand their right in God’s Word and always declare it to their situations anywhere and wherever. “Do not be silent, always declare God’s Words to your life and situations,” he urged.



Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday showers

Using Apostle Paul’s admonition to the Corinthians as recorded in 2 Corinthians 3:1-6 as the foundation of his sermon, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the October 14 Thursday showers said that God’s children should have absolute confidence in the Word of God because it is powerful and dependable.
According to him, believers don’t need the world’s endorsement to either confess or preach the word of God; noting that the word of God is the power of God unto salvation and needs no worldly approval.
In his words, “If every other thing fails, the word of God will not fail. And if there’s anything that’s most dependable on in life, it is the Word. Your confidence in the Word, therefore, needs to be stronger than what it has been. You’ve got to believe in the Word and speak it because the Word can prevail in any situation of your life.”
The clergy also cited John 6:63, James 1:18 and 1 Peter 1:23 to reveal that God is the Word and when believers communicate His Word, they are communicating Him. This is why, according to him, no believer should be afraid when they have the Word of God in their heart and mouth.
“The result you are looking for will only come by the Word of God because all things were made by Him. There is nothing that will not align with the Word of God is spoken by faith. God has given you the authority to speak His Word and it will come to pass. Whether creation or recreation, it is done by the Word,” he said.
He concluded the message by encouraging believers from Hebrews 11:3 and Romans 10:8-9 to have faith in the Word of God for whatever result they want to see. “You can attain to that next level of your life through the Word of God spoken through your mouth. So, speak the Word because if you don’t speak it, the devil will put pressure on you,” he urged.