Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday service

Establishing the foundation of his message which he titled The Threshold, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the October 10 Sunday service stated that it is more beneficial for a Christian to choose Jesus; noting that this will, in turn, make the multitude follow such after a Christian. ‘’Anytime you choose Jesus, the multitude will look for you. If you do otherwise, it is only a matter of time before someone better than you comes along and you will be forgotten by the multitude,” he said.
Speaking from Mark 1:34; 35 -41 and Mark 5: 1- 15, the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Chruch emphasized the importance of taking heed to the Word of God and the details of it; noting that everything about the Kingdom operates through the Covenant of seed and harvest time. He, therefore, admonished that a child of God must learn to prioritize and know what is key and important in life.
The clergy further referred to the storm that took place on the journey to the other side as desired by the Lord as the threshold. He defined this as the boundary where the natural meets the supernatural. He alluded to the fact that it occurred not at the beginning of the journey, but it was the ‘’unexpected’’ that took place in the middle of something great.
‘’The devil always fights the hardest at threshold’’ declared Pastor Taiwo as he linked the challenges of life to storms which are naturally part of it. He admonished that during these disruptions, it is important never to lose sight of the love and assurance of God’s affection and faithfulness.
He encouraged the congregation to take a cue from the Lord in addressing storms of life by not being afraid, fidgety, or tentative. He stated that having Jesus is the key to a life of victory over the u



Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers

Giving an exhortation on the importance of the word of God in a believer’s life, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the October 7 Thursday showers told the worshippers in attendance that the Word of God is powerful and living but will become a physical manifestation in the lives of believers when they believe it and speak it as often as possible. “God and His word are one. The Word of God has integrity and can produce anything and everything you will ever need. But to produce in your physical realm, you have to speak. The more you keep speaking it, the more it becomes your reality,” he said.
Citing John 1:1, Pastor Taiwo stated that everything came out of the Word, noting that God is the Word. If you want to walk in the dark world without stumbling, then you have to have the Word in you because He is the Light of the world. If you want to shine despite the oppression of the darkness, have the Word in you.”
He further read from Matthew 5:14 to affirm to them that they have been created to shine and the darkness can’t stop them; stating that believers only need to believe it and live it. “No matter the level of darkness around you, trying to suppress you, you will shine through because you are the light of the world. So if the Creator of light says you are the light, then you better believe it that you are the light of the world,” he said.
He, therefore, urged them to have faith in the Word of God, coming to terms with it by believing it and speaking it. “That’s when it produces,” he declared. He thereafter led the worshippers into declaring God’s Word into their lives and circumstances.

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