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Pastor John Odukoya@ Sunday Second Service

Pastor John Odukoya, while ministering during the second service, told the congregation that the reason many believers do not fully experience the fruit yielding power of the word of God is because they do not accept the word totally and nourish it. According to him, the word of God has life and is potent to yield fruits, but if the soil in which the seed is sowed is not fertile or the seed nourished, it will definitely not yield hundredfold fruits. “For the word of God to be fruitful in your life, you need to accept it, absorb it, meditate on it and do it,” he said.

Using the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:1-23 as an illustration, he said that even though the land, which is the heart of a believer, is good, it may still not yield hundredfold fruits. This, according to Pastor John, is because a conducive atmosphere is not being created for the growth of the seed. “If the ground is not well nourished and fertile, it will not bring forth so much. But if it is nourished, weeded, and protected, then it will yield maximum fruits,” he said.

He therefore urged every Christian not to just be the hearer of the word but a totally obedient doer of the word. It is only then, he said, they would make their way prosperous and have good success as stated in Joshua 1:7-8. “You will have good success and make your way prosperous when you are diligent to do according to the word of God. Anything short of this will yield little or no fruits,” he said.

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Pastor Clem @Sunday First Service

December 11 Sunday service was a special one as Pastor Taiwo released the pulpit to his friend and brother in ministry, Pastor Clem Esomowei, to minister to the congregation.

Pastor Clem, who ministered at the first service, said that being born again as well as living continually by the Spirit is what qualifies one as a Christian and not just going to church. According to him, being born again regenerates the dead spirit and redeems the power that was lost by Adam in the Garden of Eden.

He noted that the Christian can do nothing without the Spirit as Christ Himself was born of the Spirit and when He died on the cross, He went into the realm of darkness to take back the spiritual authority which Adam lost to Satan and He became the second Adam. “This was why Jesus came: to give back to man that leadership and authority which was lost at the Garden of Eden,” he said.

Speaking from John 4:23-24; 3:1-17, Pastor Clem likened the water in the passage to the word of God and the Spirit to the software that opens the window to the spiritual life of a Christian. He noted that except the dominion spirit that was lost is regained or regenerated, man cannot live the kingdom life as ordained by God.

He further said that Christ has since replicated Himself in the lives of His children through the same Spirit. Believers, he said, should therefore desire to live the life of the Spirit in all areas of their lives. “The Christian that will be attacked by demons is one who does not know or does not exercise his or her spiritual authority,” he said.




Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

God is not constrained by time in performing miracles in the life of anyone if only that person would focus on Him and not be distracted. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo to the worshippers at the December 8 Thursday Showers service. “When you focus on the Father, things will align with you and then the purpose of your creation will begin to come to reality,” he said.

Using the account of the sick man at the Pool of Bethesda in John 5:1-13 as an illustration, he said that there is nothing impossible with God; and when He gives one life, that life becomes light that cannot be comprehended in a dark world. “That is why you are unstoppable as a child of God,” he stated.

He encouraged believers to always focus on God’s word and presence as these would make them His light in a dark world.




Using the story of Governor Felix and Apostle Paul in Acts 24:22-27 as examples, Pastor Nomthi at the December 8 Thursday Showers service said that no child of God should compromise his or her faith for anything in life. According to her, it always pays to stay with God and keep one’s faith, irrespective of whatever is happening, just as apostle Paul stood firm and refused to bribe the governor. “It doesn’t matter the prison you feel you are in, you have Christ in you who died for you at the cross at Calvary and can save you,” she said.

Instead of taking revenge, Pastor Nomthi urged that the best thing children of God can do for those who hurt them is offer forgiveness because it is key to receiving their own blessings. “Forgive anyone who has hurt or imprisoned you irrespective of their reason for doing it. Don’t partake in their wickedness by holding them in unforgiveness,” she enjoined.




As children of God, we are already blessed by covenant but in order to reap our blessings, we have a duty to sow. Pastor Nomthi stated this at the December 11 Sunday service.

Speaking from Leviticus 26:3-4, which is the promise for the week, she noted that one can only harvest what is sowed. According to her, when the rains come and there is nothing in the ground to be watered, only weeds will grow. “We have to plant so that when God’s rain comes upon the seed, it will germinate and produce, and we can then harvest,” she said.

She emphasised the importance of the word of God in the lives of His children. This, according to her, will enable them know how best to handle God’s blessings when it finally comes on them. “As children of God, you are blessed so as to be a blessing to others. So you must sow in due season so that you can reap your harvests of blessings and also be able to bless others,” she said.