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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday Service
In continuation of his message on The Church and the Nation- The Comfort of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the November 15 Sunday Service, told the congregation that God will not send anyone on an assignment without first preparing and equipping such an individual for it. Fulfilling this assignment, according to him, will bring peace and increase to them.
Speaking from Ephesians 4:9-16, Pastor emphasised the need for believers to function and contribute to the growth of their individual homes, local assemblies and even the nation. He noted that every individual has been equipped and prepared fully by God to work and build the body. “Anywhere you find yourself, build. Your vocation is a ministry and God must be glorified there. You have something to contribute. We all need your part to be perfected,” he said.
He further gave examples of David (Psalm 51:11) and Moses (Exodus 33 12-15) to say that the New Testament believers can achieve more success in their places of assignments because they have the Holy Spirit in them thereby making them live a hybrid life.
He said, “If these fathers of faith knew the importance of having the presence of God to fulfilling their purpose in life, how much more today’s believers who have the Holy Spirit living in them? You are joined in union with Christ Jesus. It is a life with God that cannot be separated. When you see yourself that way, you will stand your ground and occupy where God has put you.”
He however cautioned against division in the body, as this would give the devil access to cause chaos and destruction in our places of assignment. “Don’t be an agent of division and destruction. If there is division, you will be giving the devil the key.”
Pastor therefore urged believers from Jeremiah 29:7 to pray and seek the peace and prosperity of their home, churches and the nation, because this totally depends on them, noting that only then will they be established and multiply.
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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers
Pastor Taiwo has once again admonished believers not to handle the assignment of God on their lives with levity because that could bring about a replacement. He made this admonition at the November 12 Thursday showers. “If you handle your assignment with levity for whatever reason, whether you’re intimidated or foolish, God will not ask from anybody, He will ask you. But don’t you ever think that, that assignment will be wasted, God will choose somebody else to do it,” he said.
Speaking from Exodus 33:12-14 and Acts 9:31, the clergy said that God’s presence is always with those who are focused and remained in their place of assignment whether as a husband, wife, father, mother or in their calling, ministry, endeavours, or anything they do to fulfil the purpose of God; noting that good success cannot be achieved if believers don’t take their stand to be effective in whatever area of assignment God has placed them.
In his words, “Good success is possible and comes when you are focused. This is why God will have to cut down everything distracting you from contributing your own part to the body of Christ. You are a gift to the body of Christ and to you generation.”
He further noted that a good understanding is required for believers to be able to fulfil their assignment. This, he said, would avoid misplaced priority, distraction and bring good success to them. “It will require you to know that God is never purposeless and that He has positioned you in whatever assignment you find yourself. So, as long as you have come to a place of understanding that you are walking in the purpose of God for your life, you will prosper.”
He therefore urged believers never to forget that their impact is needed in the prosperity of the nation, so they should stand in unity so as to be able to bring the reality of heaven to their world. “Praying for the nation is the responsibility of the church and the church can only pray if they agree because the state of the nation is the reflection of the church,” he said.