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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday Service
In continuation of the message he started the previous Thursday, pastor Taiwo said at the November 22 Sunday service that the moment anyone becomes born again, such a person becomes endued with strength from the Holy Ghost. According to him, anyone who wants to fulfil assignment or calling in life requires the strength of God, which comes from the Holy Ghost. “You cannot be a Christian and not have this strength. In every area God has assigned you to do something, you need His strength,” he said.
He illustrated this with Apostle Paul’s conversion and how he increased in strength through the power of the Holy Ghost to fulfil the divine calling on his life as recorded in Acts 9: 13-22 to say that believers always need to understand that they have been strengthened by the Holy Ghost for their mandate and should therefore walk in it despite whatever weaknesses they have.
He said, “God expects His children to be courageous in spite of their weaknesses and walk in the strength He has endued them with, for it is in their weakness that His strength is made perfect. He has invested so much in you. It doesn’t matter how weak you may be, what defines the perfection and excellence of God’s strength is in your weakness.”
He enjoined the congregation from Isaiah 41:29, Romans 5:6, Ephesians 1:15-20, Ephesians 3:14-17 and Ephesians 6:10-14 to explore further the supernatural strength given by God to His children. “If you do not know certain things as a believer, the enemy will take advantage of you. What you do not know, you cannot benefit from,” he stated.
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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday showers

Taking his Bible references from Acts 9:20-22, Luke 24:46-49, Isaiah 11:1-2, Ephesians 1:1-19, Ephesians 3:14-16, and 2Corinthians 12:8-10, Pastor Taiwo in his message at the November 19 Thursday Showers said that every believer that has been called for an assignment by God needs His strength to fulfil that assignment. He said this while noting that this strength is gotten when the Holy Spirit rests on them. “When the Holy Ghost rests on you, He will give you wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord. You need power for strength and you need strength for this assignment,” he said.
According to Pastor, the Holy Spirit is the Helper who enables the believer with the strength needed to carry out their divine assignment, noting that He will help them when they understand this and place a demand on that help.

In his words, “The Spirit of God empowers the children of God but of what use is the power if you don’t know you have it? It is what you know about what God has said that will determine what you get and not what people think or say. You are strong as the revelation you have in the word of God. Don’t waste your energy moping and crying. Invest it in what He has said.”

He further charged them not to be despondent over their current situation but to latch on the strength of the Holy Spirit in them as covenant children of God and take charge of their lives as well as the assignment God has given them. This, according to him, is when they will bring the glory of God on earth and establish His Lordship. “It’s not time to cry, it’s time to take charge whether on your marriage, health or finances. You are a covenant child of God, so, take charge,” he said.
In conclusion, Pastor encouraged them to be strengthened in God as long as they are born again. “Are you born again? Then be strengthened in the name of Jesus,” he declared.