Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday service

The 2019 edition of the Worship His Majesty Conference ended with a thanksgiving service on Sunday, November 24. Pastor Taiwo in his sermon told the congregation to always find the line of thanksgiving to God even in their struggles. This, according to him, is necessary because human beings generally have the tendency to be ungrateful as they often get familiar with God. “Ingratitude is a monster because it is destructive,” he said.

Speaking from Romans 1:21, he said that ingratitude does not only grieve the Holy Spirit, it also destroys the mind of man, noting that it makes creativity zero and renders the mind empty, vain, foolish, useless, and confused. Gratitude, he said, must be expressed in order to qualify as gratitude. “What you don’t appreciate depreciates,” he stated.

He therefore implored them never to take God and His goodness in their lives for granted. “If you don’t appreciate what you have, you open yourself up to the devil. You have every reason to be grateful,” he said.


Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Taiwo in his sermon at the November 21 Thursday Showers service noted that God does not negate anything He says; so believers should be mindful of what they say, especially as it concerns their lives, so that it does not negate God’s view and words concerning those situations. “Words have power. Refuse to speak what you are seeing; instead, speak what God is saying about you,” he said.

Speaking from Mark 4:35-38 and Psalm 23:1-6, Pastor Taiwo said that Christians should not focus on the issues of life as Jesus is their Shepherd, but to rather confess their promises in the Word of God because the fact of their situation does not in any way negate the truth of God’s Word. “It is only when the written Word of God is spoken that it benefits you. The secret of the Kingdom lies in speaking the Word, and we are meant to continually speak it. The finished work of Christ can only be appropriated by our mouths, when we speak,” he said.

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