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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Services
Using the account of Abraham’s fight against the nations who captured his nephew, Lot, recorded in Genesis 14:14-24, as well as David’s fight against the Amalekites recorded in 1 Samuel 30:17-20 as illustrations, Pastor Taiwo at the November 12 Sunday service said that God has a way of delivering His own from the enemy and giving them total recovery. “God’s covenant is sure with His children no matter what,” he said.
Having this understanding and taking advantage of it, according to him, is therefore important for believers. This, he said, will give them victory as well as total recovery just like Abraham who saved his nephew, Lot, and David who got the victory over the Amalekites and recovered totally all he had lost. “A covenant child of God must know his or her right in Him and access it for his or her victory,” he stated.
Speaking further from Genesis 13:8-13, Pastor Taiwo said that strife is a major hindrance to covenant manifestation. According to him, there are battles that are not won with great armies but with the pursuit of peace just as Abraham knew when to fight to save Lot from his captors but chose peace when Lot and his herdsmen confronted him. “You have to know when to fight to get victory and when to choose the path of peace,” he said.
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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Pastor Taiwo during the November 9 Thursday Showers service said that the covenant of God with His children brings about total recovery. According to him, whatever a child of God loses can be totally recovered because of the covenant He has with them through the blood of Jesus Christ. “When God recovers, it is always total–with nothing missing or broken. This is the place of covenant,” he said.
Speaking from 1 Samuel 30:17-20 and Ephesians 3:20-21, he noted that total recovery is through the power of God which resides in believers. This is why believers should know their right and covenant in God so as to be able to access it. “This covenant keeping God will fight for you, give you victory and total recovery. So don’t let the devil put you where you don’t belong,” he said.
He stated that whatever they think they have lost is recoverable and therefore encouraged them to go for it. “Whether it’s your health, finance or marriage, go for it because you will not only have victory but also recover all because you are a covenant child of God,” he added.