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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service
January 28 Sunday service was indeed an awesome one as it was the first Fruitful Vine service for the year. Pastor Taiwo, while speaking on the topic Receive Strength, told the congregation that God’s covenant with His own is always for their benefits. According to him, when the calling is from God, it is a covenant and it is to bless. “When God calls you, He enables you to fulfil purpose,” he said.
Using Sarah and Mary as examples, Pastor Taiwo said that God’s promise to His children will always come to pass irrespective of the circumstances. Also speaking from Hebrews 11:8-11, he stated that once a believer can understand his or her identity in Christ and hold on to His word, such a believer will walk in the miraculous. “Man can lie and disappoint, but God can never lie. If He has spoken it, He will bring it to pass,” he stated.
He then urged all never to be weary as God is faithful to bring to pass His promises in their lives.
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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Christians have been reminded that the level of their understanding of their covenant with God determines their benefits and manifestation. And this reminder came from Pastor Taiwo at the January 25 Thursday Showers service.
According to him, for believers to command the miraculous, they need to have an understanding of God’s covenant with them which was sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ. This covenant, he said, makes them complete, perfect, fit and qualified for every good work. “You are special to God, He is your father and He is a God of peace. But you need to understand this to command the miraculous,” he said.
Speaking from Hebrews 13:20-21, he said that the more believers walk closely with God, and keep knowing and discovering Him, the more they become transformed. This, according to him, is the benefit of the covenant they have with Him, “God will not relate with you if you are not in covenant with Him. So, your role in the covenant is to believe God’s word and allow Him to work in your life for His glory,” he stated.
He then admonished them to always remember that their covenant reality is not based on human opinion but on their identity in Christ Jesus. In his words, “You have a stake in the kingdom of God because you are in the new covenant. Be conscious and live in the realisation of the covenant you have with God.”