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Pastor Richard C. Whitcomb @Sunday Services
The Senior Pastor of Agape House New Testament Church, Accra, Ghana, Pastor Richard C. Whitcomb, while preaching at the January 14 Sunday services said that an encounter with Jesus always takes one from the worst situation to the best place. According to him, getting stuck in life can be a terrible and depressing thing; it paralyses the enthusiasm to continue in life. However, an encounter with Jesus brings about the rejuvenation to start again. “No matter what your problem is and what has paralysed you, an encounter with Jesus Christ will take you from stuck to start. There is no problem you face today that Jesus cannot solve,” he said.
Reading from Acts 3:1-10, he explained that re-assessing one’s problems, revising one’s position and releasing one’s progress are crucial steps to take in order to get out of wherever or whatever one is stuck in. According to him, everyone has a place God wants to take him or her to, but sometimes sin, consequences of actions, ignorance and some foundational problems can cause a believer to be stuck in life. This is why every child of God needs to know what God has in store for him or her and then claim it. “You must understand that God has placed you higher; don’t keep yourself lower than He has placed you. So, if you are stuck at the gate, revise your position and move into God’s glorious presence,” he stated.
He then urged all never to forget the power of praise because it is a crucial tool for getting into the presence of God and this brings them into their own blessings. “Praise releases your progress. It makes God move you from the gate into His glory and raise you as a testimony,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Pastor Taiwo’s message at the January 11 Thursday Showers service focused on the importance and efficacy of God’s covenant with His children and how a believer can enjoy it to the fullest. According to him, this covenant has been put in place through the blood of Jesus Christ and every believer must believe, accept and utilize it in order to get the desired results. “Your mind either truncates or releases you into your destiny, so it must accept this covenant for you to get the best of it,” he said.
Speaking from Hebrews 13:20-21, he said that the more understanding believers have of their covenant with God, the more beneficial it is to them. “If you understand this everlasting covenant which was sealed through the blood of Jesus, you will benefit greatly from it,” he stated.
He encouraged all to always be confident of the divine covenant so as to benefit from it. “The covenant in Christ is everlasting, it cannot be erased,” he said.