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Dr. James Sturdivant @Sunday First Service
Speaking on the wonder of praise, Dr James Sturdivant, the guest minister who admonished the congregation at the December 10 Sunday first service, said that praise has a way of ushering in something unforeseen which one is not expecting. According to him, praising God is a bridge that brings something from the heavenly realm to the terrestrial. “Praise can pull something from the unseen to the scene so it can be seen,” he said.

Speaking from Psalms 92:1, 100:4, 67:5-6, 119:164 and Matthew 15:21-28, he said that it is vital for God’s children to carve out time to praise God daily. This is because authentic praise takes the impossible from them and puts it into the possible hands of God who thereafter gives them the possible results. “When you understand the impact of praise, you will carve out time from daily schedule to praise Him,” he said.
Using the account of King Jehoshaphat’s victory over his enemies recorded in 2 Chronicles 20:15-21 as an illustration, Pastor Sturdivant said that praise is a potent weapon in spiritual warfare as well as a weapon of divine healing. He further said that praise gives one access to God’s presence, according to Psalm 100:4; and it creates a place for one to sit with God (Psalm 22:3). “Praise is the protocol of heaven and when God comes to sit where you are, whatever tries to sit with you will have to give way,” he stated.

Pastor Stanley Howfijks @Sunday Second Service
Using the account of the centurion who met Jesus for the healing of his servant recorded in Matthew 8:5-8 as an illustration, Pastor Stanley Howfijks, who admonished the congregation at the second service of December 10 Sunday service, said that for anyone to live a victorious life, such a person will have to be born again, live a holy and selfless life, and give him or herself to prayers. “These are very important in the kingdom of God,” he said
According to him, relying on and trusting the Holy Spirit and having love are also vital to living a victorious life as children of God. “You must have love in your heart. You cannot be praying, living a holy life and not love. You need to love your spouse and neighbours,” he stated.
He urged the congregation to be men and women of compassion, always having others in their mind and helping them just as the Lord has compassion on His children. This, according to the man of God, will lead them to living the victorious life. “Make the Lord and your neighbours your priority, and see how He will give you a victorious life,” he enjoined.

Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
The December 7 Thursday Showers service was a special one for worshippers as it coincided with the Abraham and Sarah Fellowship’s annual Christmas celebration with the old, the blind and orphans. They therefore used the service to appreciate God for His faithfulness throughout the year.
Pastor Taiwo, in his message for the day, said that the blood of Jesus is the mystery of Christianity and therefore the fast track into deliverance and the miraculous. This, according to him, began when that blood was shed on Calvary. “If you are looking for a fast track, it is only in the blood of Jesus. It brings deliverance without limitation because anywhere it is poured, the Holy Ghost takes over,” he said.
Speaking from Exodus 12:1-40, he said that this blood of Jesus inputs righteousness on a believer, thereby making him or her pure before God the Father. He added that if any believer understands this and applies the blood, miracles happen. “When the blood is applied, it changes negative to positive, makes failures winners and sinners righteous,” he stated.
He therefore urged everyone not to joke with the blood of Jesus but apply it every day of their lives. “Christianity is not wishful thinking; it is a deliberate declaration of what Jesus has done and concluded,” he said.
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