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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Services
Pastor Taiwo at the December 17 Sunday service said that meditating on the finished worked of Jesus at Calvary propels a believer into activating that blood for victory. “You have a covenant with God as a Christian and you have the blood of Jesus at your disposal. Don’t let the devil tell you a lie,” he said.
Speaking from Hebrews 12:18-24 and 9:16-22, he said that the blood of Jesus is as effective as a believer uses it. According to him, the blood is always effective but cannot be useful if a believer does not know the value and make a demand on it. “He has finished the work, you only need to believe and accept that the blood can work for you and you will benefit from it,” he stated.
He urged all to make use of the blood of Christ because it gives them life and victory as it continually speaks for them. “The blood of Jesus still speaks, so allow it speak for you,” he said.
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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
The Christian walk is that of the sprinkled blood that speaks better things and anyone who identifies with Christ benefits from it. Pastor Taiwo said this at the December 14 Thursday Showers service. “The blood of Jesus speaks for His own over any issue that affects them,” he said.
Speaking from Hebrew 12:18-22 and 10:19-20, he said that the blood of Jesus is so effective that not even the devil can withstand it. According to him, the blood reconciles man back to God and makes him perfect before Him. “The blood of Jesus is the fastest and perfect way to God. It makes you the fastest and perfect traveller to Him with full benefits, regardless of the accusations of the devil,” he stated.
He added that the understanding of a believer of his or her identity goes a long way in achieving victory through the blood.