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At the March 11 Sunday service, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya in her exhortation from God’s promise for the week in Isaiah 40:4-5 reassured believers that God would make every crooked path in their lives straight, and whatever looks like mountains and hills in their lives would be levelled because the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.
She reminded all that God would make every rough edge in their lives smooth and reveal His glory in their lives which all men would see.
She then asked the congregation to declare God’s promise over their lives and the new week. “It doesn’t matter what rough paths you are walking on or mountains of problems facing you, God is removing them from your way in Jesus name. God will be glorified in your lives and situations in Jesus mighty name,” she declared.



Pastor Nomthi at the March 8 Thursday Showers service said that God always has a way of giving the enemies of His children a taste of their medicine when His children cry to Him. This victory however always comes with His instructions for His children to trust Him to fight the battle for them, and total victory is always guaranteed when they believe and obey Him. “It is not easy to obey God’s instructions because it makes you look like a fool sometimes but if you can just obey, you will have victory and it will be obvious that you are not a fool,” she said.
She used the experience of the children of Israel with Pharaoh and the Egyptians in Exodus 14:14, and the divine instruction that led to their victory over Jericho in Joshua 6:10, to buttress this. According to her, when believers are obedient to God’s instruction in any situation, they always have victory. “Do not fight for yourself because you can’t do it like God would. Though it’s hard, but there is always a reward for obeying God’s word,” she stated.
She therefore urged them not to be in a hurry to avenge themselves but to trust God, who alone can do that perfectly and, afterwards, gives them great peace. “Be comforted that God will fight your battles and will not leave you alone; because He promised, He will definitely fulfill it. Just follow His instructions,” she said.