While admonishing the congregation at the January 21 Sunday service from the promise for the week in Jeremiah 33:3, Pastor Nomthi said that God has a lot of things to reveal to His children if they would only ask Him.

According to her, no human invention can solve anyone’s problems like God, and He is willing to reveal solutions to His own if they would ask. “God will yet do something that will blow your mind, if only you would call unto him. No man can help you like God. If you ask Him, He will definitely show you great and mighty things,” she said.

She urged them to always go to God for solutions about everything and anything. “Your answers are in the word of God. So if you want to be a solution and add to the advancement of humanity, ask God and He will show you,” she stated.


Pastor Nomthi, while encouraging worshippers at the January 18 Thursday Showers service, said that God does not forget His creation, just as a mother does not forget her children. He, according to her, always interferes in the affairs of His children. “God loves His children who are diligently searching for Him,” she said.

Using Apostle Paul’s astonishment of God’s impartial dealing with Cornelius as recorded in Acts 10:34-36 as an illustration, she said that God gives equal grace to all His children; but for those who keep up with the covenant, searching till they are filled, they keep opening up to more grace. “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter but it is the glory of kings to search it out. In order to get more, you just need to keep digging,” she stated.

She however warned them not to be envious of other people’s grace, neglecting their seeming little ‘piece’ of grace.