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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Services
Covenant reality for believers is when their realities begin to conform to what God has said concerning them. And this reality is sealed by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and made possible at salvation. Pastor Taiwo said this at the January 21 Sunday service. “There are certain things that are yours by virtue of the covenant. The day you give your life to Christ, the ability to achieve them is activated,” he said.
Speaking from Hebrews 13:20–21 and using Abraham’s calling in Genesis 12 as an illustration, he said that God always comes with a covenant when He is about to change one’s reality positively. According to him, God’s calling to mankind is a relationship with Him, and this is what happens at the point of salvation. Once one yields to that call, the person’s reality begins to conform to God’s word. “When you are in covenant with Him, He will make you fit for every good work, and makes you live in the reality of that covenant,” he stated.
He then urged them not to belittle themselves since they are covenant children of God.
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He fulfils it. According to him, covenant makes the believer unique. “You can never initiate a covenant with God; he always initiates covenant,” he stated.
He then urged all not to give up on God as He will never forget His covenant with them. “God will not give you what you cannot do. Through the blood of His everlasting covenant, He will always make you do His will,” he said. Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
In continuation of his teaching on Covenant Realities, Pastor Taiwo, at the January 18 Thursday Showers service noted that as much as God is loving and giving and will not forget His covenant with His own, He expects His children to always believe and appreciate Him. “When God loves you, you can expect anything from Him. That is His covenant and it can never fail; but He also expects appreciation from those He gives to,” he said.
Speaking from John 3:16, 1 John 4:17 and Ephesians 2:4, he said that God is always the initiator of covenant and will ensure