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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday service

God controls everything and knows how to stop the devil. His only remedy for evil mischief and wickedness is the anointing. Pastor Taiwo said this at the March 1 Sunday service as he continued his series on the effectiveness of the anointing in the lives of believers. “You can never be humiliated by the reason of the anointing. You are the anointed of the Lord,” he said.

Speaking from Isaiah 10:26 – 34 and 11:1-4, he said that believers would be distracted from God and their purpose when they focus on the devil’s gimmicks and lies. This, he said, would lead them into more trouble. He further said that the Holy Ghost is the antidote to the lies of the devil; noting that this victory over the devil is achieved by the anointing. “The anointing destroys the works of the devil and yoke of oppression,” he said.

He further said from Psalm 92:10 that believers who truly know their right and the works of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in them would be thankful because they know that the devil cannot stop them. “When you are anointed, you horn will be exalted and then God’s arm establishes and strengthens you and lifts you,” he noted.

He then admonished them remain in God because that’s when the anointing continues to get renewed.



Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @Thursday showers

Pastor Taiwo at the February 27 Thursday showers said that the anointing destroys the works of the devil in the lives of believers and restores them as well as their lost possessions. “If there is a means of recovering, taking back and salvaging what is lost, it is the anointing and when it is the anointing, it is absolute. It would bring back what has been stolen and restore what has been destroyed,” he said.

Speaking from Psalm 89:19-26, he said that every believer has this anointing, noting that as many as are born again have been given a measure of the spirit of God to be used to have dominion on earth. This, he noted, is why God’s children should not be intimidated and scared by whatever circumstances or even the devil. “When God calls, anoints and sends you, nothing can ever intimidate you and you can never be set back. You can’t have the spirit of God in you and still think like an ordinary person,” he said.

He therefore admonished them to understand who they are and be confident of the reality. “As a born again and covenant child of God, it is not possible to be taken captive when the anointing is upon you. Your confidence should be in Him in claiming all that He has made you and provided for you,” he urged.

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