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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday service
Pastor Taiwo while speaking to the online congregation at the March 22 Sundays service continued with his message urging believers not entertain fear at this time; stating that God is only the safe refuge for anyone who comes to Him irrespective of the global fear. In his words, “No matter the level of your fear, God is our only refuge and you need to believe it and speak it convincingly always.”
Speaking from Psalm 46, Psalm 61:1, he said that far would always cripple them if they don’t see God as their shield. According to him, God is dependable and He is the strength the world needs at this point. “Until you begin to align your thoughts with the word of God, your heart will fail you and you will be afraid and paralysed with fear. God is not only your refuge but also your strength, so you are never alone. There is a city of refuge and a shadow for you to hide under,” he said.
He therefore encouraged them to trust the Lord even as they take the necessary preventive measures. “Fear is natural but don’t get stuck in fear, it can cripple you out of your purpose and even lead to death. It’s an emotion and it responds to either confronting it or fleeing. So, confront it through God and His word. Obey the government’s instructions on preventive measures but do not fear,” he urged.


Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday showers
In the midst of the global pandemic of Corona virus, also known as COVID-19 which has led to the restrictions of all social and religious gatherings, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has encouraged everyone not to be afraid as fear could lead to further havoc. He said this while speaking to the online worshippers at the March 19 Thursday showers on the need to take all necessary preventive measures against the virus.
Speaking from 2 Chronicles 20:1-20, Pastor Taiwo said that fear either gets one fighting or running; but a right attitude would always make one take the right steps in confronting any challenge. According to him, this period is not the time to move away from God but the time to seek God’s face just as King Jehoshaphat sought the Lord when he was being threatened by his enemies in spite his fear. “As a child of God, whatever physical move you need to take must start in the spirit,” he said.
He further noted that the devil uses fear to dispossess one of his or her inheritance, noting that when believers know their right, they won’t be moved. He therefore urged them not to shift their focus from God but to stand firm and believe God for victory over the virus just as He gave King Jehoshaphat and Judah victory over their enemies. “The Lord will see us through and we will overcome in Jesus’ name,” he declared.