Pastor Ibukun Awosika @ Mother’s Day First Service

It was indeed a colourful day as The Fountain of Life Church celebrated its Mother’s Day service on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

It began with an opening prayer from one of the executives of the Home Affairs Married Women’s Fellowship while the Grace Levites ministered a special rendition appreciating all mothers.

The children were not left out, as representatives from the children’s church celebrated the mothers by praying for them.

Pastor Ibukun Awosika, who ministered in word, shared Proverbs 31:31 to talk about the importance of a woman in society. According to her, women always set themselves down in order to let others be celebrated. “In their lives every day, they will celebrate their husbands, children, in-laws, and many other categories of people in their lives; in families that have male and female members, there are many systems and cultures that undermine a woman.”

The clergy further noted that there is no battle between men and women, adding that men should not see their wives or other women as competitors. “Any man who has read the Word and understands the special place of a woman in the hands of the Lord knows that there is no battle between the man and the woman,” she said.

Pastor Awosika stated that the only one whom God could trust with the agenda of the salvation of men was a woman. She said, “He trusted her enough to know that she would not betray that trust; the only one that He chose to trust with His plan for ensuring that His creation is continued upon the face of the earth is to create the womb that will be the household of nurturing for women and place it in her.”

She further said that the woman has been given the assignment to labour and to nurture, and that when He created the male, God knew that what He had created was great and wonderful but the male was “incomplete without Him creating a finer creation called woman.”

She added that the woman has a double assignment because “every blessing you will always give a woman, she has already invested in it… sometimes, the man does not understand the investments of his wife in him.”

While sharing from Luke 1:46–48, she said, “It doesn’t matter who God says you are as a woman; if you don’t know who you are, you do not take it, accept it, swallow it, own it, or run with it; it becomes useless.”

Pastor Ibukun Awosika made a call and challenged the congregation to trust God in whatever situation or circumstance they find themselves in. She said, “You will come before God, and I dare you to trust God today; I dare you to trust His Word this morning; I dare you to trust in His presence in this house today; but if you have the audacity to trust Jehovah this morning, you will return and you will testify of the power of Jehovah.”

Many trooped out when she made the call, and a prayer session was made as led by the Spirit as she cited Nehemiah 4:4 while concluding.

The full message is available on the Church’s Youtube channel, The Fountain TV) and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). https://www.youtube.com/live/TULgjwpGfrw?feature=share 

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Pastor Tosin Sowemimo Ministers @ Mother’s Day Second Service

Pastor Tosin Sowemimo has urged women never to look down on themselves, as they are extra special beings and very dear to God’s heart. She said this during the second service held at The Fountain of Life Church on May 14, 2023, in commemoration of Women’s Day.

Taking her anchor scripture from Genesis 2:28, she said God created women because He saw that it was not good for a man to be alone, thus making a woman a helpmate for the man. She said a woman was created to help everything in existence. She likened the role of a woman to that of the Holy Spirit, adding that the Lord chose a woman specifically to partner with him in the journey of life. Women are extra special because God made them with a purpose in mind,” she said.

The clergywoman reminded women that everything they need to fulfil their God given mandate has been handed down to them since creation, thus giving them the capacity to be who God wants them to be.

Pastor Tosin mentioned some characteristics of the Holy Spirit, such as helper, comforter, and teacher, and likened the role of a woman to that of the Holy Spirit. She encouraged women to always depend on the Holy Spirit to be able to accomplish the important tasks that the Lord has placed on them.

Quoting Romans 11:29, she said a woman is a gift and a blessing from God, thus admonishing husbands to see them as such and to treat them as an extraordinary gift and a blessing from God to them. She also encouraged women not to see themselves as shortchanged in life or look down on themselves due to their enormous responsibilities, but rather to always love, appreciate, and value themselves, for they can only give out love if they love themselves (Mark 12:28–31). She urged them never to look for affirmation from others, for they are the best version of themselves.

According to the clergywoman, God found women to be of great value and trustworthy, hence the awesome roles and responsibilities He placed on them. She reminded them to always look up to the Holy Spirit should they have any concerns or worries, for He is always with listening ears to give heed to their petition (Psalm 138:18).

The children’s church was not left out in the celebration of Mother’s Day, as two representatives (children) offered a heartfelt prayer on behalf of women to God, and they assured women that God had answered their prayers.

The full message is available on the Church’s Youtube channel, The Fountain TV) and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). https://www.youtube.com/live/kv5WHgSYQUw?feature=share

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Pastor Tayo Kujore @ Thursday Showers

At the May 11 Thursday Showers service, Pastor Tayo Kujore spoke on the theme of the year for The Fountain of Life Church, which is The Year of the Holy Spirit. He started by linking this to the text in Genesis 1:1–3, noting that without the introduction of the Holy Spirit, God could not say, “Let there be.”

He went further to explain that in the year of the Holy Spirit, something of great significance happens. There is a shift from not understanding to a place of knowledge, and there is a shift from not having to having more than enough. However, this is not automatic. “There has to be an understanding as to why the Holy Spirit is present in our lives,” he said.

The clergy then went on to highlight four things every believer is expected to experience or manifest in the year of the Holy Spirit, and they are:

  1. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit: Survival at this period and walking in the miraculous are based on sensitivity to the Spirit. There’s a difference between hearing yourself and hearing God. You have to be sensitive to pick up the things of God at this time (Mark 5:25–29). When the Holy Spirit speaks to you, you should listen. He gave an example of when the Holy Spirit asked him to stand up from the place he sat down, and while he stood, a ball hit the glass at that place and shattered it. (Ephesians 5:15–20)


  1. Knowing the mind of God: It’s important for every believer to know the mind of God so that they don’t go contrary to God’s commandments. (Exodus 14:14-16). “God will not show you the path He has created for you if your mind is not in tune with Him,” he said. There’s always a pathway to progress, irrespective of what is going on; knowing the mind of God will help one more rightly. Understanding the mind of God this time will take the believer to greater heights.


  1. Encouraging yourself: This can only be done by His word (Ezekiel 37:1-2). A lot of people are going through the valleys of dry bones, and God will always introduce Himself to them with the new name they believe and proclaim Him to be. That name is the key to their breakthrough in life. In his words, “When you believe God for the impossible, He will show the world that the impossible is possible through you.”


  1. Be thankful: Only a heart that is thankful, irrespective of what they see or not, will get the approval of God for the manifestation of what they’re believing God for (Psalms 107:1). Thanks bring goodness and mercy into a place. A thankful heart sees the manifestations of the grace of God.

Other scriptural references: Ephesians 5:15:20, John 4:9-11, Psalms 36:1; 106:1


The full message is available on the Church’s Youtube channel, The Fountain TV) and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). https://www.youtube.com/live/kv5WHgSYQUw?feature=share  

It is also available on CDs and DVDs at The Fountain of Life Church Digital Media Store