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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday Service

In continuation of the message he began at the last Thursday Showers service, Pastor Taiwo at the January 10 Sunday service reminded the congregation on the implications of disbelieving God’s words or instructions. According to him, doubting God’s words or taking His servants for granted is the main reason people have issues in their relationships; noting that the result is always not palatable just as it happened to the right-hand man to the King in 2 Kings 7:1-2, who doubted God’s words and faced the consequences.

“When God tells us about tomorrow with respect to our situation, we should not doubt or despair because He is telling us at that moment that the situation is settled. God expects us to always give Him the honour He deserves, but we sometimes take Him for granted and refuse to believe Him,” he said.

Using the negative reaction of the King to Prophet Elisha as recorded in 2 Kings 6:22–33 and 2 Kings 7:1-2 as illustration, Pastor said that believers need to be closer to God and stop being just religious; noting that the enemies of God know they cannot shoot an arrow to attack God but they would rather shoot those arrows at God’s children. He maintained that Christians can no longer afford to live anyhow. “The more you stay outside the Word, the more you expose yourself,” he stated.

The clergy then urged believers not to allow their current situations deter them from moving forward. Using the four lepers in the quoted scripture as an example, Pastor warned the congregation never to think that their situation is so bad and hopeless as this may blur their sight from seeing the solution. “No matter how badly you are injured in a situation, God will use that same situation to promote you if you decide to go forward and not give up,” he urged.



Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @Thursday Showers

Speaking from II Kings 7:1-15 and II Kings 6: 24-33, pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the January 7 Thursday showers said that believers need to be discerning in this time where the world is angry with God and venting it on His children. He said this noting that knowing the mind of God and having a discerning spirit are necessary for Christians to be able to show the world that God’s word still stands and is potent just as prophet Elisha did and was able to prophesy God’s word which came to pass.

In his words, “If we need anything in this entire life, ladies and gentlemen… discerning of spirit. I’m praying it more for you and for me daily. This Christianity we practice by pure emotions, they won’t last. They can’t sustain anything.”

The clergy further noted at the service that God can use anyone and anything to fulfil His words in the lives of people and His own just as He used four lepers to bring to pass His word of prophecy spoken by Prophet Elisha. “If God says go forward, that means there is a forward to go. So what do you do? Take the first step even if you don’t know where you are going. Just take that first step and watch if God will not answer you. Four lepers. When God says go forward, everything death in the forward direction would see you and flee,” he said.

He also warned believers against being sceptics over God’s words and His promises to them; noting that God will surely bring His words to pass no matter what. “When God rises up for His own, everything created will bow. This year, you are going to see God’s intervention like you have never seen it,” he urged.

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