Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday Service

Worshippers at The Fountain of Life Church have been reminded that as believers in Christ they have an inheritance in Him (Christ). This inheritance is their possession bestowed on them based on their adoption as children of God and joint-heirs with Christ. This reminder came from the Senior Pastor of the Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the January 17 Sunday service.

Continuing his message from the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo noted that inheritances are not bought, rather, people are qualified for them by reason of birth or adoption. This also applies to born again Christians. He however noted that every child of God is qualified for the inheritance. Unfortunately, many Christians are ignorant of this and by so doing deny themselves (unknowingly) the benefits accrued to them. Many believers do not know what they have which eventually leads to either misuse or loss. In his words: “If you don’t understand what you have, you will misuse it or you may not even get it at all.”

Taking his scripture from the Book of Ephesians 1: 11-14, the Senior Pastor made his listeners to understand that their inheritance in Christ is a done deal and this is what the Apostle Paul aimed to have us understand. He went ahead to assure them that as long as Jesus Christ to whom we are joint-heirs with never suffered any form of lack when He walked this earth, believers have no business suffering. “If Jesus did not die until His life glorified God, then I will not die until my life glorifies God,” he declared.

Pastor Taiwo however stressed on the need to not be ignorant of the devil’s constant contention of our inheritance. He aims to steal, kill and destroy this but we must do everything to ensure he does not by declaring and claiming our possession through the finished work of Christ.




Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @Thursday showers

Pastor Taiwo during the January 14 Thursday showers told the worshippers that they have an inheritance in Christ Jesus which they must access and actualise. According to him, every believer has been bequeathed this inheritance in Christ at salvation as stated in Ephesians 1:11 and it would be a disaster if such a believer is ignorant of this knowledge or refuses to actualise his or her inheritance.

In his words, “If you don’t know you have an inheritance, you will never access it and will suffer through life. If you know you have an inheritance and you don’t do anything about it, you will die same way. The person that really enjoys his inheritance is the one that has it and knows he has it and is able to access it.”

Pastor Taiwo further cited Romans 5:17 to show that believers have the right to reign over death, fear, sickness, worry, demon and every power of darkness as well as the right to enjoy divine peace over everything that concerns them; noting that the understanding of their identity and inheritance in Christ are very vital in achieving this right. “With every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, you have been predestined, you have been chosen before the foundation of the world to have it, and you have obtained it. It’s your inheritance,” he stated.

He therefore urged them to not allow the devil distract them from knowing and accessing their inheritance in Christ thereby thwarting their real nature but to claim their right and access their inheritance as that is when they would bring glory to God and bless humanity. “If all you see is the haters, if they become more important than God and the inheritance He has bequeathed you, then you have a problem. The one that accesses and actualises his inheritance utilises for his assignment and of course the blessing of humanity and the glory of God. This is what we mean by possessing your possession,” he said.





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