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Pastor Blessing Awosika@ Sunday First Service

Pastor Blessing Awosika told the congregation at the July 21 Sunday first service that life is a function of limited time and it would be accounted for ultimately. It is therefore important to live that life well so as not to have regrets in the end. “Everyone will account for their life before God. This account is about your purpose and assignment and nobody would be the excuse for your failure,” she said.

Speaking from 2 Timothy 4:7 and Habakkuk 2:2, she stated that believers need to have the end goal in mind in whatever they do now so that they can have something to measure their lifestyles and values against. She stated that just as anyone who does not know where he is going or have a destination in mind would be distracted along the way, so also would they be distracted from fulfilling their assignment on earth if they do not focus on their journey. In her words, “You need to articulate where you are going. That vision can become sharpened and clearer as time goes on, but you must have a sense of what that vision is. Don’t run a race against any man but yourself because their pace may not be the same as yours. Run the race of your life consistently as the Lord orders your steps and apply the best of yourself to what the Lord has called you to do.”

She then urged them to have a sense of their identity in Christ and walk therein in fulfilling their purpose in life so that, in the end, they would not have regrets. “Regrets always come to one when one hasn’t really lived the life one is created and expected to live. So don’t drop the core of your purpose which is you. Don’t guilt trip or blame anyone around you because of the choices you have made,” she said.



Pastor Biodun Soderu @ Sunday Second Service

Pastor Biodun Soderu at the July 21 Sunday second service said that a believer has power immediately the Holy Spirit comes upon him or her as recorded in Acts 1:8. However, the physical manifestation of that power may not be optimally reached if such a person does not unleash it. “What you are carrying is much more than what you are manifesting. Every Christian prays but many are not consistent in the prayer; and the power of prayer is in its consistency,” he said.

Dwelling on Luke 18:1-8, he said that men ought always to pray and not to complain, lose heart and hope, be lazy or murmur. The life of a Christian, according to Pastor Biodun, is a praying lifestyle as any Christian that would not pray is dead already. In his words, “Whenever the enemy is about to afflict a Christian, he first takes away his or her praying life. That’s why we need to always pray for one another because iron sharpens iron. Every believer is in the ministry of prayer.”

Pastor Biodun stated that the church has not prayed enough, like the believers in the days of old. According to him, praying the perfect will of God, speaking mysteries and having the miraculous lifestyle are parts of the benefits of praying, and these are a constant habitat of a praying life. He added that winning souls would become difficult if believers are not consistent in praying.

He then urged them from Ephesians 6:18 and 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to make prayer their lifestyle. “Praying in the Spirit is the safest place of prayer,” he said.


Pastor Oyindamola Lewis @Thursday Showers

God’s intention for man from day one is that of blessing, hence His command to be witnesses unto Him. Our part towards the fulfillment of His promise is to believe and position ourselves to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. These were the words of Pastor Oyindamola Lewis at the July 18 Thursday Showers service.

Speaking from Acts 1:8, Psalm 23:1-6 and John 10:14, she said that since power is the capacity to do something, it means that believers need it to witness to others. She stated that God, the good Shepherd, will always do His work through those who are willing and obediently follow Him. “There’s a power that must come upon you to achieve this, so you have to trust, obey and follow God to get this power,” she said.

Using the two disciples who had an encounter with Jesus in Luke 24:10-35 as an illustration, she said that there is an urgency that witnesses carry when they have an experiential encounter with the Holy Spirit. This, she said, comes with the benefits of overcoming fear and bearing much more fruits. “If you want your witnessing to make sense to the world, you need to abide in Him,” she said.

She then encouraged the worshippers to constantly fellowship with the Holy Spirit, be sensitive and minister to God personally by praying in the Holy Ghost. These, she noted, would position them for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

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