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Pastor Fred Ohiani @Sunday First Service

During his message at the July 14 Sunday first service, Pastor Fred Ohiani said that believers would experience more of the manifestation of the promises of God in their lives if they stopped complaining and obediently carry out God’s instructions to them.

According to him, some have a general habit of complaining instead of patiently waiting for and obeying God. This, he noted, hinders the fulfilment of God’s promises for them. “Once you cultivate the habit of always doing what He asks you to do, your life will always be full of victories,” he said.

Using Abram’s encounter with God which brought about the transformation in his name and life as recorded in Genesis 17:1- 13 as an example, Pastor Fred pointed out that every covenant comes with conditions, noting that God’s agreement does not and will never fail once man can fulfil his part of the bargain. “Once you don’t meet up with the conditions, you won’t get the full benefits of the covenant no matter how much you complain,” he stated.

He therefore implored them from John 14:12 to always follow, abide and believe in God and be in constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit as that is when they would experience God’s unfailing covenant, just as He has promised.



Pastor Amaka Maduneme @ Sunday Second Service

Pastor Amaka Maduneme at the second service noted that God will always stand by and keep His covenant with His children no matter what happens, but they too need to obey Him and His Word for the fulfilment of His promise to them, just as He told Abraham in Genesis 17: 1-22.

According to her, God is always ready to guide, protect, bless, restore, provide and give His children the best when they have been inducted into the realms of possibilities where they believe that His Word would not fail or fall to the ground. There is nothing he cannot or will not do, she stated.

Pastor Amaka noted that believers who would experience God’s unfailing covenant must desist from all forms of sin. “Covenant is a deal, so you need to keep your side of the deal. It is not easy but you have to make up your mind to do it,” she said.

She urged them from the promises of God in Psalm 89:33-34, Exodus 34:10 and Exodus 14:14 to trust God’s words, and obey them if they truly want to walk in the fullness of His blessings. “You will finish well,” she stated.


Pastor Yemisi @ Thursday Showers

Just as a child would not depend on junk foods for growth, so should a Christian not depend on convenient habits to grow spiritually. Believers need to do things that are expedient for them in order to mature. Pastor Yemisi Akindolie said this at the July 11 Thursday Showers service while emphasising the importance of believers focusing on the Holy Spirit for their spiritual development. “If you keep towing the line of convenience, you won’t grow and mature,” she said.

Speaking from Romans 8:14-17, Galatians 5:16-23 and 1 Corinthians 3:1-3, she said that believers who obediently follow Christ even when it is not convenient are the true children of God and such would always grow spiritually. In her words, “Many believers are not yet maximizing their potential as they ought to because their responsibilities are not yet matching their status. Until you grow spiritually, you can’t enter into your inheritance and enjoy it. You need to learn obedience to the Word of God even when it’s not convenient; that is when you grow spiritually.”

She then urged believers to take seriously their spiritual growth which can be achieved by studying God’s Word and obeying it. “As you learn of your Father through the Word, being obedient to Him and being conscious of your rights as His child, you would grow and mature into a son. It’s only then you can truly enjoy your inheritance,” she stated.



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