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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday Services
According to Pastor Taiwo at the February 17 Sunday service, crossing over is a regular occurrence in the life of every believer as life is lived in stages in which people cross over from time to time. Such crossovers, he said, would attract storms but the Word of God is a seed that produces victory in the life of every Christian when spoken to such storms. “Storms are normal in life; it means God is taking you higher because the stronger the storm the surer the next level will be,” he said.
Speaking from Mark 4:35-40, Pastor Taiwo explained that the devil is always after believers to unleash fear and havoc on them, just as the storm did to Jesus’ disciples. He however enjoined them not to give room to the devil in their hearts and homes but to cast him out immediately.
He then urged the congregation to take all issues to the Lord in prayer, trusting that He will resolve them. In his words, “Fear and panic instinctively happen but faith is a deliberate choice you must take. Don’t declare what the devil desires but take all matters to God in prayer.”
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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers
Reading from Mark 4:35-45, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the February 14 Thursday Showers service said that believers do not need to get oppressed or suppressed by the signs of the moments because their life is already in Christ. “In Christ you live, move and have your being; so you shouldn’t be disturbed by the things going on in the world. In challenging times, engage in prayer, supplication and thanksgiving and you will have the required peace,” he said.
Narrating the crossover experience after Jesus’ teaching in Mark 4:35, Pastor Taiwo pointed out that every nation, church, family and business will have a crossover experience. And just as God called Cyrus for an assignment (Isaiah 45), He anoints anyone He calls and gives an assignment. “You carry His Spirit when taking on these assignments, and that is what you will use to subdue every impediment or challenge you will encounter,” he noted.
He advised believers not to quickly tie the reason for their challenges in life to sin, but to always run to Jesus in their trying moments and maintain a faith-filled, positive confession.