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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service

Pastor Taiwo during the November 11 Sunday service said that nothing is achievable in the Kingdom without the Spirit of God and the conscious declaration of God’s Word. According to him, one of the reasons some Christians are not living victorious lives is because of their failure to confess and declare God’s mind and words concerning them. “Your mouth should be used to profess the counsel of God concerning your life rather than complaining and murmuring,” he said.

Speaking from Zechariah 4:6, Isaiah 59:21 and Luke 4:18, he emphasized that consciousness of the Spirit must be backed up with confident declarations by believers to fully manifest God’s purposes, adding that true fulfillment can only be found in God through the workings of His Spirit.

He encouraged them not to be bound by the devil’s limiting thoughts but to see themselves as God sees them and live as well as speak accordingly. “You are much bigger than the devil will have you believe,” he stated.


Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Taiwo told the worshippers at the November 8 Thursday Showers service that achievement of any feat and fulfillment in life will be difficult to attain without the help of the Holy Spirit. According to him, the Holy Spirit is the chief executive on earth who makes sure every plan of God for His own is executed. “You cannot walk in the fullness of God’s plan and purposes for your life if you neglect the chief executive, the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Speaking from Zachariah 4:1-10, Isaiah 59:21, John 7:37-39 and 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, he said that the moment anyone becomes a believer, he or she carries the Holy Spirit inside of him or her and He enables him or her activate the supernatural, just as the early apostles were empowered with boldness to preach the gospel when the Holy Spirit came upon them (Acts 2). “The Holy Ghost is needed for regeneration and conversion,” he noted.

He therefore enjoined believers not to neglect the work of the Holy Spirit in them. This, he said, would enable them enjoy all their covenant benefits and achieve God’s assignment for them. “The Holy Spirit will help you to execute the terms of the covenant by teaching, reminding, guiding, leading, revealing and standing with you forever,” he said.

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