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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service

Pastor Taiwo during the November 4 Sunday service said that covenant children of God should always align their thoughts with Christ’s as this would bring to manifestation the promise of God for them. According to him, if a Christian sees as God expects him or her to, by seeing Jesus in every situation, he or she will emerge victorious. “Your thinking determines what you see. Change your thinking and dwell on Jesus all the time,” he said.

Speaking from Zechariah 4:1-9 and 1:16, he said that God expects believers’ responses to life’s questions to always be in line with His covenant with them and not from the realities of their challenges. This, he said, would happen when they discipline themselves to desire His will which is always in tune with His Word. “Faith is the eye that sees the impossible and sees what God has done and is doing,” he stated.

He urged them from Isaiah 59:21 to continually confess God’s Word as their deliverance lies in their mouths—in what they declare or proclaim concerning their situations.


Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

You are in a covenant with God and so everything He has is yours. But you need to fully understand this to enjoy the blessings. The worst thing that can happen to you is to think you do not have anything, when in truth you have it all. These were Pastor Taiwo’s words at the November 1 Thursday Showers service. “Victory is at your beck and call. It is your covenant right, so you need to activate it,” he said.

Speaking from Isaiah 59:19-21 and Zachariah 4:1-2, Pastor Taiwo said that though God has finished the work and has made a covenant with His children, their perception and confession would determine whether or not they access the blessings therein. “What you see determines your choice, hope, progress and establishment,” he stated.

He urged them to always see as God sees and speak the Word to their situations. That, he said, is what God expects of them and that is what would bring about the manifestation of His promises in their lives. “He is a covenant-keeping God; He will never fail. You only need to trust Him and see as He sees,” he noted.

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