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Pastor Fred Ohiani @Sunday First Service
Pastor Fred Ohiani during the July 15 Sunday first service stated that living without the Word of God makes a believer an easy prey to the enemy. According to him, believers are a manifestation of their thoughts, and when the Word of God dwells richly in their hearts, it will produce positive results. “The Word of God in your heart will help you confront any contrary situation. You have authority through the Word to stop anything you do not want in your life,” he said.
Speaking from Isaiah 43:14-21 and Psalm 46:1-11, he said that a negative mindset can hinder the potency of God’s Word in a believer’s life. Such negativity, according to him, always leads to self-pity which does not solve any problem. But when a child of God stands firm on the Word of God irrespective of the situation, victory is inevitable because God’s Word cannot fail. “Starting a pity party over your situation doesn’t change anything. Instead, have a positive mindset, choose to rejoice and trust that God is with you; then see how the situation will change for good,” he stated.
He therefore encouraged them to stop worrying but to rather cast their cares on Jesus because He will come through for them. “When situations arise, attack them with Word of God. Don’t be too quick to ascribe challenges to enemies,” he urged.

Pastor Tosin Sowemimo @ Sunday Second Service
Life is a journey and a battle; so no child of God should be worried or sorrowful because of the battles and challenges they are faced with; rather they should focus on the victory already given to them through Christ Jesus. These were the words of Pastor Tosin Sowemimo at the second service on July 15. “You already have the victory in Christ Jesus, so you fight from the point of victory. You have all the tools to enforce the victory,” she said.
Speaking from 2 Corinthians 4:8, she said that Christians need to always know that they are of God and cannot be destroyed, irrespective of how fierce the battle is. According to her, there is an assurance of triumph which will always result in celebration, whatever the challenge a child of God goes through. “You may be hard-pressed on every side and may not even know what to do, but because of the indestructible Spirit inside of you, you can never be crushed,” she stated.
She therefore urged believers never to shift their focus from God because He knows what they are going through and how to bring them out of it. “Deliberately fix your gaze on Christ. If you keep your eyes on Him, you will not despair or be defeated,” she said.

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