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DIVINE HELP-JULY 15 – 21, 2018

Pastor Tayo Bayo-Kujore @Thursday Showers
Using the account of the sick man beside the pool of Bethesda (recorded in John 5:1-9) as an illustration, Pastor Tayo Bayo-Kujore at the July 12 Thursday Showers service said that many believers are sometimes not aware of their season of miracles, just as the man did not recognize it was Jesus, the Healer, talking to him.
According to him, despair and anxiety take over believers when their focus is on the miracle instead of the source of the miracle. In his words, “No matter how tight your situation is, Jesus Christ is the Only One who can help you. There’s great profit in knowing and serving Him. Never doubt His supremacy in your life because the moment your focus is taken away from Him, you become a prey to the enemy.”
He then urged them to desist from seeking help in the wrong places and focus on the One who is able to help them. “The world cannot help you. In fact, it has created everything to frustrate even your faith. But only God can help you. So, be conscious of and focus on Him. Nothing is impossible with Him,” he said.