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God Healed Me After 22 Months On Crutches!

The testimony you are about to read is a reminder that the enemy seeks only to steal, kill and destroy the life and joy God has given us but holding onto Jesus, our sure Word of prophecy will guarantee victory in the end. Sister Nike Odukomaiya shares the story of how she woke up well and healthy to run her errands on a particular morning but on retiring for the day, the enemy struck her ability to walk normally. That experience would last for 22 excruciating months until God turned around her situation for good and her joy was restored. Hear her story.

“Indeed the Lord God has turned my mourning into dancing again. It is in fulfilment of Psalm 126:1- 3 and to Him be all the praise. The Lord just turned the captivity of 22 months of agonizing pains for me and my family. On the 27th of July 2013, I started the day as usual but I did not end it as such. I recall I left my home that morning with my two legs walking properly but upon returning home that night, I could barely walk.
This marked the beginning of my journey through the valley of the shadow of death. The following day, we sought medical attention to know the cause. I was asked to carry out a series of tests and examinations over a period of time. When the test results came out, the surgeon informed me that my spine was challenged and I would have to live like that for the rest of my life. He said success of a spinal surgery was 50:50 and he would not advise me to go for it. However, he informed me that I would need pain relief medications from time to time and be required to manage my lifestyle from then onwards. It was bad news for us but we chose to trust God.
Over a period of time, we thought the diagnosis was correct and kept praying to God for the miraculous. A visit to a third surgeon after fifteen months to the glory of God revealed that the problem was with my hip and not the spine. A further confirmation by a fourth surgeon courtesy of Pastor Nzegwu revealed same and this time, I was told that surgery was the only solution.

The surgeon advised me to start making use of a crutch to help my mobility as well as reduce my pain. I did not give it a second thought as I realized some sought of relief had finally arrived. God also gave me the grace to go out with the crutch without minding the stigma since I am a young woman.
All through this period, my mobility was impaired and walking became a task. I lived through these twenty-two months with each passing day in pains. Sometimes, the pain would be indescribable and I would wail like a baby. Moving from point A to point B of about 3 metres, would get me doing mathematical calculation. I will think first as to the best approach to get to my desired point with the least pain. It was that bad.
My life was almost shut down as I needed help to carry out mydaily activities. I was “home ridden” so to speak, as my outings were mostly limited to church attendance and my children’s school functions. It took the grace of God for me to be in services. Let me use this medium to thank Pastor Tayo, members of the car park and ushering Departments whose coordinating activities facilitated my church attendance, from my sitting position to where our car was parked.
My family and I are immensely grateful. During this period, I almost gave the devil a foothold. I recall a particular time when I was discouraged, life had no meaning to me, I was also getting weary in faith because of the pains and discomfort I went through. It got to a point when I almost cursed God but I know better now. We are all aware of the agenda of the accuser of the brethren; to steal, kill and destroy but God has a better plan of life and giving it more abundantly to us.
He was out there helping me with my thoughts but I thank God, our merciful Father, who despite the tantrums I threw did not give up on me. In his love, He made me reflect on many things He had done and still doing in my life and that was when I realized I was getting off course. I quickly repented and begged Him to forgive me. I implore anyone in this congregation today that whatever the problem is, it is a simple matter with God and know for sure it has an expiry date, just hold unto Him. From that moment onwards, my story changed. The Spirit of the Lord made me to dwell on these two key scriptures and both kept me going. Jeremiah 30:7 — God will restore health unto me and heal my wounds and also Jeremiah 29:11— His thoughts towards me are thoughts of good and not evil to give me hope and a future.

Shortly after the proper diagnosis was made, Pastor Tosin preached on Accidents on the 9th of November 2014. She said, in the journey of life, it is unlikely that accidents will occur at least some form. It could be as simple as a burn or could be a permanent one but that whenever it happens, we must be focused because there is no accident with God and that He will come through for us. She shared her testimony of the accident she had when she just graduated from the University. I heard God’s voice through her sermon thereafter, I sought counsel with her. Prior to this time, I was expecting God to heal me Himself without medical intervention but after that meeting, I agreed with her that it is God that chooses His way of healing. Medical science is of God and not of the devil. The wisdom which doctors use is from God. We proceeded to arrange for the surgery but 10 and behold, between December 2014 and March 2015, I had serious boil infection and that was a deterrent to the surgery. Recall, I was hesitant to go for surgery and when I was fully convinced to go for it, the infection started. I knew the devil was at it again and I got vexed in my Spirit.
I told my husband that Pastor Taiwo must get to know about this as our spiritual father and with that we went ahead to book an appointment to see him. On this particular Sunday, while going to his office after first service, he saw my husband and me in between the old and new auditorium while waiting for him to get back to his office, he stopped and came to us and said “you are still using this stick”. He asked what the matter was and I explained the situation and told him I was due for surgery. He simply prayed “you will have supernatural breakthrough” and indeed that was what happened.

Our breakthrough started with the fund needed for the surgery, the infection stopped, no new boil surfaced and also with processing of our visas. Despite getting late to the embassy on our interview date, which is very unusual for us because I am a time conscious person, we were granted audience because of the favour of God upon us. Our application forms had errors here and there, how it all happened, we cannot explain because my husband and I pay attention to details.
We are grateful to God, who had gone ahead of us by positioning an angel on assignment in form of the embassy staff. One would have expected him to be upset with us but he was very, very patient with us. He allowed us make the necessary corrections in his presence and allowed us time to turn in the outstanding documents. When the interview ended, he said “do not worry, by the time you get back, you will be fine because of the country you are going”. That for us was another breakthrough.
The surgery was successful to the glory of God. About ten days after, I had issue with anaemia, it was a bit scary. We called Pastors Tosin and Mary about the situation, they prayed and reassured us that I would be fine. God honoured our faith. The rehabilitation was great and the physiotherapist that handled my case said “people usually go from two crutches, then to one and then weaned off completely but that my case was different, I moved from two to none and that it was really amazing to him.
Sis Odukomaiya concluded her testimony with word of encouragement on the efficacy of the words of God. She said: “… I remember too well the exact date the problem started, but I cannot say exactly the date the whole thing turned around i.e. when I gained back my full mobility and this is my promise in Psalm 126:1-3. She thanked “Pastors Taiwo & Nomthi, all the pastors in the church and all those that stood in the gap for us during this period,” and prayed for God’s blessings for their support.