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In 2011, within one year again, I was presented with two mighty chillers from different companies. In 2012 another fellow of mine donated 32 inches LCD television to the shop, saying he wanted the shop to look attractive and that it would promote my business. In year 2013, the third chiller came again, making it three chillers. Then three days to my birthday in 2013, God gave me a birthday gift by giving my son admission in UNILAG to study building technology

On April 22, 2014, my sister in-law gave birth to a set of twins through CS which was miraculous. When I came to Thursday showers two days after the delivery, the spirit of God told me to come out and testify again. I stepped out, dropped my offering and roll on the floor several times and went back to my seat.

As for my home, God has been has been so faithful even though I went through a lot of difficulties, but God always come to my rescue whenever I needed assistance and as for my children I bless the name of the Lord over their lives and as for my husband, I believing God to touch his heart so that he would accept Him and be committed to His service. Although his attitude towards me has changed for good, but I still want more improvement. I bless the name of the lord for this testimony. May you reign forever, amen.