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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service
While continuing with his message on New Song, Pastor Taiwo at the July 19 Sunday service said that God has a way of bringing His children through challenges and putting a new song in their hearts and mouths. According to him, there’s no way God would bring one out of a miry clay that such a person won’t sing a new song
Speaking from Psalm 40:3; Psalm 126:1-3, and Revelation 15:1-3, he said new song always creates wonder, fear and amazement among the people. In his words, “When God promises to give you a new song, He’s saying that He would perform wonders in your life that many would see and marvel. New songs don’t come except as God has done miraculous thing in the lives of His own.”
Also speaking about the attitude of God towards His promises over believers, Pastor Taiwo cited Genesis 28:12-15, Numbers 23:19, and Joshua 21:44 to show that God’s faithfulness is binding on Him to bring to pass His promises over His children. “He will not leave you until He has fulfilled what He has said. He will make good what He has said,” he stated.
He also quoted Hebrews 6:12-13, Psalm 40:1 and Romans 4:19-20 to say that faith, patience, trust, and an appreciative heart are vital attitudes believers ought to have in order to claim their promises. “You need to have faith and patience. Your current situation can’t stop God’s plan for your life. So don’t be limited by your current situation,” he noted.
He therefore admonished them never to doubt or give up on God’s promises for their lives but to hold on to it and keep moving. “If God has given you a promise for this year, please hold on to it and don’t waver. It will come to pass because God is not a liar. You will not be drowned because God will see you through. You will end this year with new songs to our God. So keep rejoicing in the Holy Ghost, singing a new song,” he urged.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday showers
Human beings are very fickle. They would intimidate and try to shut you up from achieving your purpose but if you are determined not to be silenced and you finally achieve your goal or received your miracle; those who shouted you down would come to rejoice with you. These were words of Pastor Taiwo at the July 16 Thursday Showers. “The more people shout you down, the more you should reach out to God for help and He will listen to you and help you,” he said.
Speaking from Psalm 40:1-3 and Mark 10, Pastor said that the secret to receiving divine intervention over any issue of life is by speaking and reaching out to God. He also noted that believers don’t have to wait for a superb moment or situation before singing the new song God has put in their mouths. “If the Lord has put a new song in your mouth, don’t wait for a superb circumstance before you start singing it,” he said.
According to Pastor Taiwo, having a personal relationship with God and allowing the Holy Spirit in one’s life emboldens a believer to sing a new song irrespective of his or her situation, noting that this supernatural strength makes such a believer to reach out and ask for help. “He will help you sing new songs irrespective of your circumstances and also help you to reach out to God. God will hear your cry and rescue you from the miry clay and terrible pit,” he stated.
He therefore encouraged his listeners never to allow sadness in their lives but allow the new song that God has put in their mouths begin to sound. “This pandemic will neither drown you nor everything around you but it would turn around for your good. Just continue to sing the new song God has out in your heart and mouth,” he said.