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The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) presents Fountain in the Community – a catalogue of our social impact interventions in our community. Nigeria, like other developing nations, faces socio-economic difficulties. As a congregation, TFOLC is committed to inspiring hope and manifesting the love of Christ through its many initiatives and outreach projects.
In 2018, the Church commissioned a Social Impact Evaluation to review and assess its social responsibility interventions over a 15-year period. The idea was to gauge, through quantitative and qualitative metrics, the impact of the Church’s initiatives and provide a comprehensive report.

Part of the findings was that:

The Fountain of Life Church, like other local and international Pentecostal Faith-based Organisations (FBOs), is actively involved in philanthropic investments that are creating value by providing succour to the downtrodden in the community. TFOLC is a consistent stakeholder in bringing about development in Lagos State and in aligning with the actualisation of the SDGs in the country.

This publication highlights the Church’s ongoing social impact interventions and partnerships in the areas of Rehabilitation and Reformation, Health, Education, Benevolence, Financial Literacy, and SME Empowerment. Thank you and God bless as you read.

Social Impact Department


Grace Springs Rehabilitation Home was established in 2002 to take young children off the streets, and rehabilitate and reconcile them with their families and society. Since it gained NGO status in 2004, the initiative has reached over 24,000 beneficiaries.In 2020-2021, the total number of beneficiaries impacted stood at 1,558. The Fountain of Life Church partners with UNICEF through the Grace Springs Rehabilitation Home on a special programme called Diversion Programme. In 2016, the rehabilitation mandate of GSRH was modified to include children who have committed crimes. This was with a view to offering them an alternative to being
remanded in juvenile homes, police stations and prisons, while being reformed. This mandate is accomplished within the Diversion Programme.Key achievements for the 2020-2021 year include:- Holding non-residential rehabilitation programmes with a total of 1414 children impacted.
– Running its fourth cycle of interventions of UNICEF Diversion Programme from June 2020 to June 2021 with 144 impacted.
– Holding a Christmas party for street boys in conjunction with Fundawazi Foundation.
– Holding a series of sensitisation events and stakeholder engagements across communities in Lagos State as well as empowerment
programmes for selected children.

Main challenges

– Maintenance and repair work at the rehabilitation home in Ikorodu to keep the physical assets in a functional state.
– Recruitment of activity teachers to train and engage the children.
– Partners and sponsors



Bimbo Odukoya Foundation (formerly Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Foundation) is a para-church ministry that was established in 2005 to demonstrate, promote and sustain the ideals and social commitment of late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya. It achieves its objectives by creating a platform to rescue young girls and women in distress and goes on to empower and protect them.
The Church makes significant annual donations to support the Foundation. Over 22,000 people at different levels of society have benefitted from the various
direct and indirect interventions of the Foundation through its programmes such as The Hope House; Stand-Out Conference; Peer Education for Prefects (PEP); Girls
Empowered; and Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Programme for University Students (Sharp 4U).Some of successes recorded in 2020-2021 include:Over 22,000 people at different levels of society have benefitted from the various direct and indirect interventions of the Foundation through its programmes such as The Hope House; Stand-Out Conference; Peer Education for Prefects (PEP); Girls
Empowered; and Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Programme for University Students (Sharp 4U).

Some of the successes recorded in 2020-2021 include:
– Raising 25 million Naira of the 40 Million Naira needed to acquire a location for Hope House, the residential rehabilitation project of the Foundation.
– Actively involving in 87 (eighty-seven) reported cases of abuse in Lagos State, Ogun State and Abuja. While some of the cases are closed, others are ongoing.
– Reaching over 10,000 people, including students from primary to tertiary schools, under the initiative tagged Project S.H.A.R.P (Project Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention) designed to raise awareness, foster prevention and counsel survivors through advocacy/intervention.

Main challenges
– Raising the balance of 15 million Naira needed for Hope House
– Increasing partnership strength and financial donations



The Vineyard Project, administered by TFOLC Relief Committee, is an initiative established to drive The Fountain of Life Church’s contributions to alleviating the suffering of Christian brethren going through persecution, especially in northern Nigeria. Established in 2020, it has paid the tuition fees of orphans in five states as well as sponsor skill acquisition and trauma counselling programmes for widows in two states.

Key achievements include:
– Executing a pilot intervention project through two partners and reaching a total of 171 women and children across five states in northern Nigeria.
– Implementing a second round of tuition fee payments for the 2021 school session.

Main challenges
– Funds to scale up interventions
– Local and international advocacy to draw attention to the plight of the vulnerable people impacted by persecution and conflict in Nigeria.


The Fountain of Life Church has supported the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Refugee Agency in Nigeria by contributing to funds for the welfare of displaced persons impacted by conflict.In 2020, the Church made a donation of 2.5 million Naira to support close to 600 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) with core relief items and non-food items which were distributed to displaced persons affected by the fire outbreak



The Education Support Project (ESP) was established by The Fountain of Life Church in 2002 to salvage the falling standard of education in schools situated in Ilupeju Lagos environs. It has initiated and executed projects designed to raise the standard and quality of education in the six state-run secondary schools within the Church’s community.

Key achievements include:
– Impacting over 10,000 students.
– Purchasing over 10 million Naira worth of equipment and classroom furniture.
– Refurbishing and completely modernising the science laboratory of Ilupeju Grammar School.
– Creating a science practical opportunity that helped beneficiaries to pass their SSCE and WAEC examination well enough to gain admission to study science-related courses at various tertiary institutions.
– Offering 25 students scholarships to various government-owned universities and polytechnics.
– Producing graduates in engineering and science courses.
– Giving merit awards to 30 teachers.
– Reducing significantly the failure rate of students of the adopted schools in WAEC exams.



The Church Scholarship Scheme is an internally managed scholarship scheme that offers full sponsorship and subsidised school fees to students in public tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
From its inception, the Church had supported members and non-members in both private and public schools within and outside the country, with hundreds of students receiving full or partial support. The scheme was however modified in 2001/2002 to cater solely to members of the Church in public schools in Nigeria due to increasing costs and continued devaluation of the Naira.



Nidus Aquilae Hospital is a social enterprise established to provide quality healthcare to private patients and corporate subscribers. It is a registered facility providing 24-hour primary healthcare and some secondary-level medical services. It also provides in-patient/out-patient accommodation as well as pharmacy, laboratory investigation and ambulance services.
The Fountain of Life Church partners with the hospital via a referral system to subsidise the healthcare costs of indigent members of the Church or totally absorb the costs, where necessary. A total of 96 referral cases were sponsored by the Church in 2020-2021.

Other key achievements include:
– Paying medical fees in excess of one million Naira.
– Contributing to the repair of drainage cover with bitumen of the front of the hospital.
– Donating for the repair of access gate to Oba Adetona Street, Off Sura-Mogaji Road, Ilupeju—where the hospital is located.


The Hope Centre is the active benevolence intervention of the Church. It is the Church’s first point of contact with the poor and needy members of our immediate community. It has its origins in the Church’s benevolence ministry called Dorcas Ministry. It also managed a soup kitchen called The Lord’s Kitchen where meals were served twice daily. The Hope Centre ministers to people in their hundreds annually. Since its creation in 2014, it has impacted over 100,000 beneficiaries through the provision of educational, medical, clothing, and food support to individuals, homes/families, and groups.


The need for adequate provision of portable water, which is one of the basic amenities of life, cannot be over-emphasized. The Water Project, therefore, aims at alleviating the dearth of portable water in Lagos State with a particular focus on Ilupeju (which is our local community) and its immediate environs. The first borehole was sunk sometime in 2005 at the Esther Osiyemi Playground. To date, 10 other boreholes have been commissioned in other parts of the Ilupeju/Onipanu communities, servicing an estimated 2000 residents.

Each of the boreholes is equipped with a 2.2kva generator supplied by the Church (to ensure uninterrupted power supply), a pre-paid meter and a searchlight to enable the residents to fetch water at night.


Grace Springs Multipurpose Society (GSMCS) is a licensed multipurpose society established in 2012 to provide financial independence, investment management and growth for all, irrespective of tribe, religion, or political affiliation.
Its membership has grown tremendously from 195 in its first year to 1682 as of December 2021, while its assets grew from about 7 million Naira to over 300 million Naira over the same period. To date, the initiative has impacted close to 2000 people.

Key achievements in 2020-2021 include:
– Growing membership database and welcoming new members from within and outside Nigeria.
– Maintaining active loan transactions with over 500 members.
– Launching a mobile app for members to monitor and track their monthly contributions as well as keep abreast of the Cooperative’s activities virtually and in real-time.


In order to flatten the curve of the spread of the COVID-19 in Nigeria, the government, following global pandemic response protocol, declared nationwide lockdowns from 30th March, 2020. This lasted for several weeks. During the lockdown, people were expected to stay at home. The resultant effect was that many families suffered loss of incomes and thus access to basic necessities TFOLC therefore moved in to help in alleviating the burdens of members by donating foodstuffs to families and making token cash transfers to hundreds of members of the Church. A total of 778 people were served under this project.


This is an initiative of The Fountain of Life Church designed to impart career and business competencies to the men in the Church, enhance their career sustainability and business growth and provide a platform for building business sustainability through financial grants.

In the pilot phase of the programme, 87 applicants were subjected to a psychometric assessment and interview. Twenty successful applicants were shortlisted for the project consisting of workshops on growing their businesses and writing business plans, alongside 1-on-1 coaching with selected mentors, but 17 underwent the programme. Out of the 11 men who participated in the business
pitch, 2 were successful and given a total grant of 2.5 million Naira.

A summary of all the people impacted in 2020-2021

Social Impact Outreach Total Beneficiaries Impacted
Bimbo Odukoya Foundation 22,516
Church Education Support 16
Hope Centre/Lord’s Kitchen 148
Vineyard Project 171
Grace Springs Rehabilitation 1,558
Nidus Aquilae Hospital 96
Grace Springs Cooperative 979
COVID-19 Interventions 778
Total 26,262


There is unarguably more to be done. So we enjoin and welcome all well-meaning individuals and organisations to partner with us by giving to any of the identified ministry expressions.
Thank you.