Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has urged everyone to always celebrate and encourage their fathers as well as tolerate their weaknesses. He said this at the June 21 Sunday service in commemorating the International Father’s Day. According to him, fathers are humans with flaws and inner fears which are not usually visible to the world, so getting support from their families strengthens them and gives them hope. “There is a responsibility you have toward your father and that is to cover his nakedness and not to ridicule him,” he said.

Speaking from Ephesians 3:14-15(AMPC); Genesis 18:19, and John 10:15, Pastor said that fatherhood is God’s idea and concept, adding that having the knowledge of this divine concept and practicing it would make success achievable. In his words to fathers, “You are a gift to this world but you must understand and give attention to your family and those committed into your care. Exploits in the lives of your children is strictly dependent on the mutual knowledge of the bonds between fathers and the sons.”

He further explained from John 5:19 and 14:10 that the surest way a man can impact his children is to first have a relationship with his heavenly Father, noting that the source of fatherhood is God. This, he noted, will help him know his own children. “If you don’t know your heavenly Father, you can’t know your children. This will help you model life and leadership to them,” he said.

He therefore urged fathers to commit themselves to impacting leadership to their children. “Fathers, give more time to your heavenly Father and see how your downlines would fall in line before your eyes,” he urged.

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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday showers

Pastor Taiwo said at the June 18 online Thursday showers that life is a succession of habits, noting that the habits of champions is the habit of meditating on God’s words. According to him, habits define our lives, whether good or bad and that successful people are simply those with successful habits. “Motivation gets you started but good habits get you there. So make the habit of meditating on God’s word and His purpose for your life,” he said.

Citing both the biblical and world’s great men and women who made great exploits in their area of purpose as examples, Pastor Taiwo further said that meditation is one of the secret keys to achieving great exploit. Further citing Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1:3, Daniel 6:10, Acts 17:2 and Luke 4:16, he went on to say that meditating on God’s Word and His purpose on one’s life brings about wholesome prosperity and success. This, he noted, can be achieved when a godly habit is formed. “Make meditation a habit and a lifestyle. Change the way you handle the word of God and make a habit of it,” he said.

Pastor went on to say that bad habits truncate God’s purpose in one’s life. “Godly habits will take you to where He is leading you. So, form a godly habit,” he noted.

He then urged them from Philippians 4:8 to be consistent on the godly habit of meditating on God’s promises over their lives and not what the world is saying. In his words, “Bring the Word into your situation and constantly confess it. It will not only change your life and give you good progress, it will affect your generation positively. Begin to change your thinking.”