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In continuation of the message he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo at the June 28 online family Sunday service reiterated that life is defined by habit and listening is one vital habit that should not be taken for granted, noting that it births faith, brings relief to a disturbed heart, gives confidence to face the world and helps one to relate better with his or her environment. “Your life depends on listening because it helps you relate better with everyone around you and even God,” he said.
Speaking from John 8:47 (AMPC), he said that it takes listening to belong to God. According to him, listening is a habit that can be acquired and believers need to keep acquiring it as they grow. “Listening is a skill you must acquire and keep on practicing. If you stop building on your listening habit, you will miss it in life. Always be ready to hear well. When you can hear God clearly, you won’t have issues listening to men,” he noted.
Pastor further cited Mark 4:11-12, Romans 1:27, and Hebrew 5:11 to say that preconceived mindsets and itching ears are some of the reasons people don’t listen well. According to him, some people become dull of hearing because of their preconceived mind-sets which becloud their listening ears while some other people don’t listen and comprehend because of their itching ears, wanting to hear only what they want to hear and attacking what doesn’t align with their itching ears.
He then urged every believer to make listening a vital part of their lifestyle because it makes life meaningful to them like it happened to Mary in Luke 10:40-42. In Pastor’s words, “Hearing is not comprehension. Listening is what brings comprehension. You can’t know the best way to serve God, your spouse and others if you don’t listen. Listening brings meaning to what you hear and do in life.”



Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday showers
Listening is one vital ingredient of effective communication required for a good relationship or union; but it has been taken for granted. Many people hear their partner or spouse but only a few listen. This was the crux of Pastor Taiwo’s message at the June 25 online Thursday showers. “Hearing is not listening. You can hear and not listen,” he said.
Speaking from John 8:47, he said that listening is a major sign to identify children of God because God desires that His children should listen to Him. According to him, listening to God means discerning His voice, loving and obeying as well as walking the victorious and joyous path. “To listen to Him is to get to know Him,” he noted.
Pastor Taiwo further used Apostle Peter’s reaction to Jesus’ statement of dying on the cross recorded in Matthew 16:23 to say that lack of listening will always lead to lack of understanding, thereby leading to lack of decision and actions. “When we fail to listen, we hear wrongly, feel wrongly, decide wrongly and act wrongly. Listening would make you consider your thoughts and words before you speak,” he said
He also cited James 1:19 to show that the art of listening can be acquired. He therefore urged them to ask God to make them a listening person as that would make them a better spouse, and citizen. “Allow the Holy Ghost help you to become a better listener. If you begin to listen to Him, a lot of things would change about your life,” he urged.

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