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Pastor Rotimi Okpaise @ Sunday First Service
Pastor Rotimi Okpaise at the first service on Sunday, March 18, hinged his sermon which he titled Faith Reigns on Hebrews 11:1 and Romans 4:17. He stated that the most critical attribute of the believer in these trying times is being properly anchored on the faith that is rooted in Christ, citing examples in the scriptures of the heroes of faith, such as Abraham, David and others. These all overcame impossible circumstances just by believing that God was able to do the miraculous.
Pastor Okpaise maintained that the key to unlocking this lifestyle lies in getting well-grounded in faith. And faith, according to him, is being in agreement with God and always saying what He says, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in. He stressed that even if the problem is as big as a mountain, it can and should be sent into the ‘sea’.
He noted that having faith means to speak with confidence. According to him, once we have the Word of God in our hearts, our mouth should speak to the mountains standing before us. “God wants us to demonstrate the confidence we have in Him by speaking, while He does the rest,” he said.


Pastor Oyindamola Soderu @ Sunday Second Service

Reading from Psalm 126:1-6 and 1 Samuel 30:4, Pastor Oyindamola Soderu encouraged the congregation at the second service on Sunday that God would wipe away the tears of His children.

She noted that weeping can be caused by broken promises, failures, disappointments, delays and hurts which can cause us to be distracted from the blessings of the covenant God has for us. But as found in the Scripture, God in keeping His covenant with His children comes to comfort and heal them of every brokenheartedness. “A wounded vessel cannot realise these promises without healing; and God is out to heal his children,” she said.

Pastor Oyinda stated that many Christians walk around with broken promises because their hope is in the arm of flesh. But she reminded the congregation that God does not make empty promises; He backs His every Word with His essence and His name. This is His covenant reality, she said.

Pastor Fred Ohiani @ Thursday Showers
“Most of our troubles and failures start from the mind, hence our attraction to failure or success is the product of our mindset.” These were the words of Pastor Alfred Ohiani at the March 15 Thursday Showers service. Reading from Joel 2:21-28, Pastor Fred, as he is fondly called, noted that the only way to overcome the battle of the mind is by constantly renewing the mind with God’s Word as this brings about illumination, wisdom and understanding which can be applied to life’s situations to bring about desired victory.
Illustrating with the temptation of Jesus, he said that it all happened in His mind, stating that if Jesus could be faced with temptation, no one is free from such. He then admonished all to constantly be of good cheer because Jesus Christ has already overcome the world.
Dwelling on the dual function of God’s Word as being a double-edged sword as well as Spirit and Life, Pastor Ohiani noted that the application of the Word to life’s situations makes every circumstance a stepping stone to greatness.
Recounting the story of Moses and Pharaoh, and how Moses trusted in God for the performance of the miraculous through the rod, Pastor Fred noted that the rod of Christians today is God’s Word, which when applied with faith creates the desired change. Warning against fear, he encouraged believers to speak life-changing words which create a standard whenever the enemy comes in like a flood.