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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday First Service
In his message which he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo at the March 25 Sunday service said that believers will do themselves a lot of good if their hope is totally on God. This, according to him, is because God’s covenant with His own stands sure irrespective of what their situation may be, stating however that they must believe. “If you believe God as a Christian, then you are on a journey of possibilities and can never be stranded in life,” he said.
Using God’s conversation and promise to Abraham as recorded in Genesis 15:1-19 as an illustration, he said that having faith in God moves one from a hopeless end to a place of endless hope where miracles always happen. According to him, believing is a journey that can never end until the total fulfilment of God’s covenant promise. This is why, he said, constant fellowship with God through His Word is very important so as not to get derailed.
He then enjoined the congregation from Mark 9:23 and 2 Corinthians 12:9 to always believe God no matter what confronts them, knowing that God will always come through for them if they hold on. In his words, “God can never lie; so if he said it, it will happen. Just hold on to Him and believe. Do not to give up because all things will always work together for good to them that believe.”


Bishop Peace Okonkwo @ Sunday Second Service
Bishop Peace Okonkwo, the Resident Pastor of the Headquarter Church of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), during her message at the March 25 Sunday second service said that the Word of God will always prevail over any situation or circumstance. This is why, in her words, believers should not joke with the Word, especially when it comes as a prophetic utterance from God’s servants.
Speaking from 2 Kings 7:1-7 and John 19:30, she said that unbelief is an obstacle to the fulfilment of God’s Word in one’s life, just as the officer resisted Prophet Elijah’s prophesy and he paid dearly for it. Often times, prophetic words run contrary to experiences, so many people find it difficult to believe; but if God’s children can just believe in Him and His Word, they would receive their blessings, she stated.
She then urged them to always take a step of faith and never live in fear because grace has been made available to them. “Step out in faith and take what grace has already released to you, just like the four lepers did and saved the whole nation from hunger,” she said.
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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Pastor Taiwo told the worshippers at the March 22 Thursday Showers service that God’s covenant of deliverance always works for His children whenever they are faced with terrifying situations and all hope of deliverance is lost. According to him, whenever believers set to go occupy their possessions, the devil comes to terrify them; but if they depend wholly on God’s covenant with them and put their confidence in Him instead of their own abilities, they will be rescued from such terrifying situations just like Apostle Paul and those with him experienced in 2 Corinthians 1:8-11.
He emphasised the blessings believers have in Christ through faith in the grace of God which, if utilised, will bring victory over any problem. According to him, the grace of God which saved believers from their terrible state has already brought them to the level where God bestows on them what they were not qualified for.
He therefore challenged them to be conscious of this perfect work of grace so as to be able to release their expectation to receive what it has accomplished for them. “God still rescues His own and will continue to rescue them. So, believe in Him,” he enjoined.