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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday Service
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya started his message at the October 6 Sunday service by reading the theme scripture for the month—Isaiah 61:7, and stated that it is important to always be conscious of what God is saying in order to continually walk in the realities of His provisions.
Dwelling on Mark 4:35– 41, he declared: “I am here this morning to silence some winds forever,” stating that it was critical for believers to be careful what they give their attention to. He noted that understanding and focusing on God’s instructions and promises will always lead to victory.
He encouraged the congregation to refuse to be distracted by the storms of life but to consistently abide in the Word in order to live in the fullness of God’s promises. “At no time should you, a Christian, model your life or character after the world but only after Christ,” he stated.
Other reference scriptures: Colossians 3:4; John 14:8

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers
The October 3 Thursday Showers service was more of a declarations service as Pastor Taiwo Odukoya read from Isaiah 61:7—the theme scripture for October, our month of Double Honour. He reminded the congregation never to pay attention to the noise of the devil. In His words, “If you want to enjoy your life, stop worrying about unnecessary things. Just focus on Jesus.” The devil’s assignment, he said, is to steal, kill and destroy; but Jesus has come to give life and life in abundance. As long as you believe that Jesus has come, you have life, he stated.
He noted that there could be many who are more qualified, but as long as God has chosen to honour you, every garment of shame will disappear. “But you’ve got to have faith in Him who has called you,” he said.
He then encouraged the congregation to live the life of a true Christian by showing kindness and the love of God so that they would experience restoration. “Double honour is yours in the name of Jesus. Go out and touch lives. Let people know more about Jesus. And if there was shame awaiting you, God has promised double honour for your troubles,” he declared.
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