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Pastor Kunle Areogun @Sunday First service

Prayer has been identified as the bridge and platform whereby diverse supernatural transactions take place.

Pastor Kunle Areogun made this clarification at the September 29 first service when he spoke on , ‘The Divinely Assisted Life’.

Emphasising on the need for Christians to lead a prayerful life, he noted that though we operate in covenant, we have our part to play as God is not a magician.

“For example, if God helped you get a scholarship overseas, you will still need to get a visa and buy your ticket to the country…” .

He further highlighted some reasons why Christians must pray such as; getting the ‘extra’  factor of God in one’s affairs, for God revelation of what is not ordinarily known to man, to be a tool in His hand, to secure the resources of heaven for the journey of life and to avoid the traps and temptations of the devil.

Using the example of King Uzziah who was crowned at 16, he noted that the king did exploits as long as he sought God, but fell when he began to disregard God, thus warning us not to lose sight of where we started off with God.

“When God starts blessing you, don’t stop coming to prayer meeting!”

He further urged us not to relent in seeking and pursuing God, so that we can continuously get the results and always to be in the place where God will see us, the place of prayer.



Pastor Tosin Sowemimo @ Sunday Second Service

We have been urged to reciprocate the Father’s love by seeking His pleasure at all times.

Pastor Tosin gave this admonition at the Sunday 29, second service in her message entitled ‘My Father and I’ .

Mostly dwelling on Psalm 139, she used David as a model of the ideal father-son relationship, noting that he was always transparent before God, and God equally referred to him as a man after His heart.

She pointed to the fact that no matter what David was going through at any point in time, he always sought God.

“When the going was good, he brought out his instruments to praise God. When he was confused, he bared his mind to God. When in trouble, in anguish or agony, he made it clear to God. He was passionate about God, and we have a lot to learn from him…”.

She said Psalm 139 as penned by David should always remind us of the undisputable love of God for us at all times, as He never goes on vacation, even when we feel He’s not there.

Warning us that the lines between good and evil are becoming more blurred than before, she urged us to be careful and vigilant, ensuring that no matter what, our utmost desire should be to please God, as this is the only way we can reciprocate His undeniable, undisputable, undying love for us.


Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers


Speaking on the things in this world that tends to shift our purpose from God, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, at September 26 Thursday Showers, said the storms and challenges we face in life, can be distractions but “we must always focus our attention on God in any situation”, he said.

He went on to say that peace, though a fruit of the Spirit is a force. It can silence the most turbulent elements on earth.

He admonished believers not to rely on the flesh because it always fails. “You can’t trust the flesh. Flesh can fail you”, he said.

Speaking on the audacity of the Master, Jesus, in calming the storm as recorded in the Book of Mark 4:35-41 pastor Taiwo said “In the kingdom, when you speak the Word, it will produce even if it doesn’t look like it”. Just like Jesus did when He spoke the Word “let us cross over to the other side” and then slept off in the boat, pastor Taiwo noted that regardless of the situation one may find themselves, they should always find time to sleep after haven spoken and declared the Word.

“You are crossing over with ease from what has held you down in Jesus name”, he decreed.

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