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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday Service

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the September 8 Sunday service said that believers would not be able to run with the needed endurance for the achievement of their purpose except they lay aside every weight of distractions around them, stating that this can be achieved by focusing on Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith. “He wouldn’t ask you to lay aside distractions if you didn’t have the capacity to. He never makes a demand where He has not invested. You have the capacity to do it,” he said.

Speaking from Hebrews 12:1-2 and Acts 20:22-24, he said that the joy of the Lord in a believer’s life would always help him or her face life’s circumstances and finish well, just like Jesus and Apostle Paul did. This joy, according to Pastor Taiwo, brings out the best in a believer to accomplish his or her assignment irrespective of challenges. “It is the knowledge of God and your assignment that determine your joy,” he said.

He therefore urged them to stop placing their hope in men but to always be filled with the joy of the Lord. “Joy is the quiet confidence that, ultimately, everything is going to be alright. It is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of your life. So, stop making people the thermostat of your life; focus on Jesus,” he enjoined.


Pastor Lara Adesanya @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Lara Adesanya admonished the worshippers at the September 5 Thursday Showers service to always live the expected lifestyle of a believer, especially in these end times. According to her, Christianity is more than words of mouth or coming to the church but should be expressed in godly character, relationship with others and living the word of God. “Although everyone has the choice to do whatever they like, but obeying God is what makes one a true child of His, irrespective of how inconvenient it is. Christianity is not a child’s play,” she said.

Speaking from Matthew 24:10-13, 2 Corinthians 13:5, Luke 15:17, Hebrews 5:11 and I John 1:3-7, she said that believers ought to examine themselves constantly so as to know the types of fruits they are producing. In her words, “You have to search your motive for serving God, whether it’s for what you would get from Him or because of the love you have for Him. If you don’t examine yourself, you will miss it. If you don’t feed on the word of God, the flesh will overrule you.”

She further said that believers who dwell, meditate on and obey the word of God would always reflect His character, noting that this will also make their walk with God meaningful and rewarding. “When you meditate on His word and allow His character to form in you, the world would see Him in you. You are light and so must shine. Walking with God is better than working for God. Who you say you are should be who you are,” she said.

She then urged them to always live to please the God who sees both the secret and the outward appearances. “Being born again is irrelevant if your life doesn’t match the word of God. Living a new creation life is a choice. It may not be easy but it’s a choice worthy of reward in the end,” she stated.

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