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Pastor Eloho Agbaje @Sunday First Service
Pastor Eloho Agbaje has called on believers to live the life of love which Christ has called them to. She said this during her message to the congregation at the August 19 Sunday first service. According to her, the love God has commissioned His children to have towards everyone is not that of eros, sturge, or philia but of agape, which is pure, unconditional and sacrificial. “We are called to agape love through Christ’s example. So, walk in the consciousness of what you have inside of you,” she enjoined.
Speaking from 1 Corinthians 13:1-7, 16:14 and Galatians 5:14, she said that this kind of love diminishes issues, magnifies Christ, looks for the best in everyone, tolerates, hopes, endures and is genuinely kind to everyone irrespective of status or culture. “In your relationship and interactions with people, your motives should always be in alignment with God’s words and instructions; if not, all your efforts and services are a waste,” she said.
She then implored all to always live as Christ asks them to, because that is when their light would shine in this dark world. As a first step, she challenged those who have not done so to give their lives to Christ, get filled with the Holy Spirit, abide in Christ and constantly dwell and live the Word of God. “Let your life be a living epistle that men would read and glorify your God,” she urged.

Pastor Kayode Ebenezer @ Second Service
Giving the illustration of a worker who was summoned at the headquarters of his office to give account of his service, Pastor Kayode Ebenezer at the August 19 Sunday second service said that walking in and doing the will of God surpasses just working for Him. According to him, discovering and walking in God’s will is at the core of Christianity. And this is evident in being reconciled to God and reconciling others to Him. “Until you begin to invest in God and godliness, everything you invest in in this world would amount to nothing on the last day when you shall give account,” he said.
Speaking from 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, he said that believers’ primary mandate is to get others into the kingdom and not to amass wealth for themselves. He also noted that practicing righteousness because of material gains is a waste of time for a believer. He further noted that being saved is to constantly and consciously walk with the Lord, and anyone who does this would always remember that the desire of the Lord is for others to be saved. “There is a life God wants us to live and we can know this when we are drawn to Him,” he stated.
He then implored all to be agents of reconciliation and not of division. According to him, when believers are committed to doing God’s desires, He would recompense them greatly. “You are called into the ministry of reconciliation; and you can do this effectively when you too are reconciled with God first,” he said.
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Pastor Mary Fayemi @ Thursday Shower
Teaching on the power of intercession, Pastor Mary at the August 16 Thursday Showers service said that it is high time believers left their selfish ambitious praying style for that of intercession for their neighbours and the nation. According to her, the prayers of saints are powerful in moving the hands of God and, when such is being done in unity, the world would be a better place. “We need to pay the price in the place of secret prayers like Esther, Daniel, Abraham, and Moses did,” she said.
Speaking from James 5:14-18, Psalm 1:1, Psalm 115:15 and Ephesians 1:3, Pastor Mary identified time as an important constituent of an effective prayer. She described the attitudes of an intercessor as: being consistent, focused, never giving up on God, not double-minded, and always confident in the miraculous from God. These attitudes, she said, always touch God. In her words, “An intercessor partners with the Holy Spirit; he or she is not double-minded and will never let go of God until there’s a response to his or her request. And when God sees that heart, He arises.”
She then urged believers to always stand in the gap for their neighbours because it does not only unify the body of Christ, it changes things. “The potency of prayers from saints help in connecting people, gives access and changes things,” she noted.