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Pastor Mary Fayemi @ Easter Sunday First service

Easter is a season where Christians all over the world celebrate the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Pastor Mary Fayemi, in her Easter message during the April 9 Sunday first service, told the congregation that being filled with the Holy Spirit is not enough but to reflect Him wherever they go.

Speaking from John 7:37, the clergy noted that the Holy Spirit is the river of living waters that is to flow from the belly of those who come to Him, adding that they are not just meant to take the water but to drink of it to an overflow.

According to her, every believer is filled with the Holy Spirit, but what matters most is what they do with the infilling. Buttressing more on this, she went on to describe the encounter between Elijah and Elisha. Elisha had requested a double portion of the anointing upon Elijah, and he was told if he sees him being taken up, he will get it. She said Elijah’s mantle fell as he was taken up; no instruction was given to Elisha to take it, but he did, and with it, he performed miracles. Speaking further, she said we humans are physical by nature, and so is our thought pattern. The disciples didn’t see how Jesus rose from the dead, so He made them see Him taken up in the heavens, leaving something behind in their thoughts.

Pastor Fayemi went on to say that the difference between Jesus and other religious leaders is that His tomb is empty, whereas the carcasses of the others can still be found there. She said that as Elisha took the mantle and worked signs with it, the believer also has been called to take a drink, and out of his or her belly shall flow rivers of living waters.

Charging the brethren with the theme of the month, Commanding Praise, Pastor Mary Fayemi said there will be no praise if there is no change in the situation. There is a word command between the promise God has given and the praise expectation to follow. At this point, she led the church in a series of prayers for themselves and the church. She also asked the brethren to write down some particular prayers they were asking God to intervene on their behalf. She then read from Job 5:19 and asked the church to pray these scriptures into their lives and that of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya. An altar call was made at this point for those who would want to surrender their lives to Jesus, which thus concluded the prayer session.

As she concluded, she told the congregation to declare the words, “I am activated to go forth and command praises.”



Pastor Blessing Awosika @ Easter Sunday (Second Service)
Pastor Ibukun Awosika has reminded Christians that their victory in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is not just for them; it has a purpose. She said this while sharing on the Great Commission with the congregation at the April 9 Easter Sunday service held at The Fountain of Life Church Headquarters in Ilupeju, Lagos.
Reading from the Book of Matthew 28:1–9, Pastor Awosika assured her listeners that fear would always come to hinder the believer from moving forward to fulfilling their purpose, but as long as they put their trust in God, His joy will strengthen them to carry out their divine mandate on earth. She explained that just as the female disciples in the scripture above were struck with fear at the sight of the angel at Jesus’ empty tomb, they didn’t let the fear stop them from going out to do as they were commanded. They went with great joy.
“Fear is nothing if Christ is in the midst of you. However, even in your fear, if you trust God and move forward, if you are running with His instructions, then the fear will eventually fall apart,” she said.
Pastor Ibukun Awosika continued to read from verses 16–20 of the same chapter. She said that every Christian has been given a task that fits into the Great Commission, which is to make disciples of all nations. She explained that making disciples of all nations is not cast in stone by preaching on the pulpit alone. Everyone preaches in different ways. “In the place that you occupy for Him, the Great Commission must show up,” she said.
She noted that one does not have to be on a pulpit to share the message. Whatever profession one finds himself or herself in, that is the pulpit to preach the message. God gives each of His children a job or career, and they must use it to spread the gospel. Their lifestyle and business style must preach Jesus for all to see. In her words, “Your diligence, your dedication, your character, your attitude, your nature, will speak for Jesus.”
Pastor Awosika impressed on her listeners that one of the purposes for which Christ died was for them to be in the position they currently occupy so that they can use it to draw others back to the Kingdom. “How do you deliver the assignment for which Christ died and was resurrected? Let your integrity preach Christ,” she emphasised.
She then reminded the congregation that God’s ultimate agenda in the death and resurrection of His Son was to deliver the message of salvation to the ends of the earth and win lost souls back to Him.
Other scriptural references: 1 John 5:4; Deuteronomy 20:4; John 16:33; 1 Peter 3:18; Romans 8:31–32.



Pastors Tosin Sowemimo & Femi Megbope @ Thursday Showers

April 6 Thursday Showers service was with a taste of difference as Pastor Tosin Sowemimo and Pastor Femi Megbope led the worshippers in the Word and sessions of prayers.

According to Pastor Tosin, believers are not to be anxious but always to cast their cares on Jesus. She said this at the Thursday Showers held at The Fountain of Life Church in Ilupeju, Lagos.

Speaking from Philippians 4:6 and Luke 18:1, she encouraged the people of God to always train their minds not to give in to worry but rather to always pray in the spirit. She said that God is always with his own people and will never leave them alone. She added that worry is a temptation from the pit of hell; therefore, Christians should never wallow in the spirit of fear or worry.

Pastor Femi Megbope used Psalm 40:1-3, Isaiah 40:31, and Hebrews 1:6 while leading the congregation in prayer to reassure them that waiting on God always leads to good things, and that theirs will never be an exception.He also told them that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. According to Pastor Megbope, a waiting season may be an unpleasant one, but it is always beneficial, for in waiting seasons, God usually gives out instructions that, if properly followed, will lead to answers to prayer.

The Clergy encouraged Fountaineers not to get weary in their period of waiting on God but to continue steadfastly in prayer and fasting, which he buttressed by saying that as the theme for the month is “commanding praise”, waiting on the Lord precedes commanding praise.

Pastor Megbope implored believers never to rush out of a waiting season and not to faint, for God always makes overflowing joy abound after every waiting season. He said for people of God to enjoy the full benefit of a waiting season, they must learn to trust God through their waiting seasons.